Earthbound design inspiration

Biophilic design has experienced a resurgence in popularity driven largely by the upswing in time-spent-at-home. The design of living areas is focused on creating healthy spaces for people to gather, in a post-pandemic imagining of what our public and private spaces could be. To this end, the earthbound design draws on the colours and textures of nature, such as stone and slate. We look at some ways to use stone-look tiles to bring an earthbound design to life.

1. Mountain high

Mountain-High-_Rich-Autumn-Madikwe2.png#asset:125331 |

Be inspired by the texture-rich colours of your favourite mountains, with their warm natural tones of earth-brown blended with cooler greys.

2. Sensational slate

Sensational-Slate_Ikapa-Moringa-Rust.png#asset:125332 |

The rich reds, burnt oranges and aged yellow hues of slate bring a vibrant colour palette into your space for a natural earthy feel.

3. Grounded in stone

Grounded-in-Stone_Caliche-African-Cobblestones2.png#asset:125330 |

The rustic charm of a time-honoured slasto layout or a mixed slate design in a cobblestone pattern is a powerful way to ground a space. With traditional designs reimagined into a tile format, this modern interpretation of a conventional stone look delivers easy maintenance with style.

4. Terrazzo terrace

Terrazzo-Terrace_Lanco-Umber-Porta-Nuova.png#asset:125333 |

Traditional terrazzo with its exposed aggregate in a field of robust concrete is enduring and well suited to creating a timeless addition to outdoor spaces.

Embrace these warm nurturing colours and create a cosy space, inspired by earthbound design. Innovations in modern manufacturing enable us to perfectly mimic stone textures so that you can create a natural look that won’t go out of style.

Join the global biophilic trend and bring a natural, earthbound feel to your living spaces. See more with our Stone Collection.

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