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Johnson Controls launches new Air to Water Reversible Heat Pump YLRA

Johnson Controls Building Efficiency’s latest offering in its York YLRA series – the Air to Water Reversible Heat Pump YLRA – replaces the discontinued YLAE HP and brings a number of advances: use of more eco-friendly R410A refrigerant; improved full load efficiencies; a wider operating range, and plenty of customisation options, including a super low noise model.

The Air to Water Reversible Heat Pump YLRA is available in six sizes, from YLRA0200 to YLRA0330, with a nominal capacity range from 181kW to 307kW in cooling mode and from 200kW to 327kW in heating mode. Users can tailor-make the solution, selecting from a wide range of electrical safety, control, EC fans, acoustic jackets, desuperheaters and hydrokit options to meet use specifications.

Three key features make this product highly desirable: its improved energy efficiency, low noise, and ability to operate in very cold climates.

  •  The YLRA indicators are higher than the market average, with significant increases in full load efficiencies both in cooling and heating mode. Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) have increased by 10 percent and Coefficient of Performance (COP) by 24 percent, without compromising part load efficiency in cooling mode. The product’s European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or ESEER, has increased by 1 – 4 percent.
  • It is also one of the quietest units on the market with the Super Low Noise (SLN) models ideal for applications, such as hotel terraces, where low noise is desirable. The Basic Low Noise version (BLN) is equipped with delta connected fans running at a fixed speed and is fitted with compressor boxes to reduce noise emissions. The SLN models have inverter fans driven by an EC motor (a brushless, direct current, external rotor motor), fitted with a variable speed controller specially set to allow the fans to operate at a very low revolutions per minute. The chillers are supplied with compressor boxes and soundproof jackets on compressors reducing significantly the noise emissions.
  • This product has a wide heating and cooling operating range. It is designed for very cold climates, operating in -18°C ambient temperatures.

Additional options and accessories include ModBus protocol kit for BMS (standard),  Lonwork protocol kit for BMS, Bacnet protocol kit for BMS, soft start, power factor correction capacitors, compressors overload protection, condensing control kit (-14 °C),  polar version (-18 °C), double set point, HP & LP manometers, E-coating Al/Cu condenser coils, chiller grilles, remote ON/OFF control, remote keyboard panel, sequencer unit, spring isolators, flow switch and a water filter.

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