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Effectively waterproof can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom

Retrofitted between rafters, this striking IsoBoard installation provides both character and superior thermal insulation. Because IsoBoard is effectively waterproof, it can be installed in your kitchen. The board is also paintable, washable and offers no food value to vermin, such as rats, mice and cockroaches.

Unfortunately, most thermal insulation materials deteriorate over time due to moisture and weathering. But not IsoBoard Thermal Insulation! Thanks to its high resistance to water vapour diffusion and absorption, and resistance to bacteria and microorganism growth, IsoBoard ceilings can be installed in areas where moisture is rife and it will still work its insulation magic for as long as the building stands!

IsoBoard Thermal Insulation is not affected by moisture and can be installed as a shower ceiling.

Effectively waterproof, it isn’t affected by moisture and doesn’t support the growth of mould. Contact us for more detailed application concerns.

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The most versatile Thermal Insulation available

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