Africa Range

The Africa Range is a collection of exclusive, natural stone taken from the Namibian desert sands; each slab capturing the regions unique patterning and rich warm colours. Suitable for flooring, cladding, countertops, outdoor use and interior decor.

Africa Range – Ivory Coast

Africa Range – Juperana Tier

Africa Range – African Fantasy Dark

Africa Range – Juperana Tier Ivory

Africa Range – Niagra Gold

  • The Africa Range granite is a 100% natural
  • It is heat, stain & scratch resistant
  • It is exceptionally durable & has a low deterioration rate
  • Because it is a natural product, it will retain its classic, enduring, aesthetic appeal
  • Granite is a low maintenance surface that only requires occasional sealing
  • Due to its low porosity, it is hygienic for use in bathrooms & kitchens
  • The Africa Range offers a truly unique selection of earthy, exotic slabs & more subtle, classic patterns to satisfy every granite preference
  • Our granite is polished but can be honed or flamed for outdoor use, giving it a rougher, non-slip texture