Integrated home automation systems

Legrand-SA-Arteor-home-control---video-displayThe new Arteor range of wiring devices from Legrand extends from simple switches to advanced integrated home automation systems. Timothy Mountjoy, national sales manager at Legrand, says, “Although these standalone devices and home automation control functions have a similar design, Arteor home automation devices provide even more technological features for modern living.

The flexibility of this home automation system enables all functions to be customised for exact requirements and optimum comfort. This means all interior and exterior settings and multimedia functions can be controlled from a single point in the installation.“The functions include lighting management and sound distribution, as well as temperature and shutter control. The alarm system, video surveillance and door entry functions are also easily managed.” The home automation control devices are available in two versions: round micro-push units and advanced touch-sensitive plates or screens.

The Arteor products are based on two technologies: radio, using ZigBee protocol, and BUS, using SCS protocol. The products have been developed to ensure effective interoperability and absolute reliability. The wireless radio solution is recommended for less complex new installations, for applications where a conventional electrical installation needs to upgraded to a home automation system, or when an existing home automation system is extended by increasing the number of control points. The BUS system, which integrates different applications to offer a fully networked solution, is ideal for new installations. This technology can manage different functions at the same time via two dedicated wire extra-low-voltage cables.

The modular Arteor home automation system enables users to connect and control internal and external functions for optimum comfort, convenience and safety, easily and efficiently.

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