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Solutions for industrial water processing

EuroDrain Technology (EDT) is adaptable to a wide range of applications in domestic, municipal and industrial fields. Suppliers of products and components for the treatment of industrial and process water as well as made-to-measure solutions for these applications.

wastewater treatment plant

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EDT developed a modular range of various components in water and wastewater treatment. The various components can be arranged according to the local requirements and the wastewater characteristics.

The preliminary treatment removes settleable solids and fibrous particles. This is accomplished by Multi-chamber pits, septic tanks or automatic screenings (rotating through drum sieves). The selection process of the process depends on the quality and quantity of the wastewater. In small treatment plants, the preliminary step is used for sludge conditioning and for equalization of the hydraulic load. If necessary chemical oxidation can be added.


Treatment of airport-sewage water including chemical toilets of planes.
Treatment of beverage industry wastewater.

Settleable solids can be separated with the EuroDrain Technology lamella separator. The function of the Lamella is similar to a settling tank, but by using sloping lamella inserts it is much more efficient and easy to control. By increasing the surface area the system needs less space and costs are lower. In addition, it’s less susceptible to troubles and simple to tend. Lamellas are easy to maintain.

The automatic scum removal guarantees a fully automatic operation of the lamella separator. The treated wastewater is released into receiving water bodies or sent for further treatment to be re-used. The sludge is collected, stabilized and used for agricultural purposes or is disposed to sludge treatment facilities.

Together with the several components and the company’s own switch panel manufacturing, EDT offers the know-how for the domestic and industrial wastewater processing.

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