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Founded in 1989, Indufloor (Pty) Ltd. has grown from strength to strength. The primary focus on the development of its resources provides Indufloor’s customers with highly specialized manpower and equipment and sets the standard for competitors to aspire to in specialised industrial flooring applications.

A professional management team and a mobile, highly skilled labour division with the capacity to field numerous teams nationally gives Indufloor the ability to install projects throughout Southern Africa, in a short lead-time. The Company is situated in the Kyalami Business Park, Midrand, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa.

Indufloor is an accredited agent for some of South Africa’s foremost polymer resin manufacturers with international ties, namely:

Indufloor’s coatings, linings and screeds, trowelled, laminated or self-levelled are suitable for new and renovation projects. They are applied rapidly, and downtime is kept to a minimum, as the installed products are usable 2 – 48 hours after completion.

The use of sophisticated surface preparation equipment, including Blastrac dust-free surface preparation machines, ensures that surface preparation is of the highest standard, promoting excellent adhesion for the coatings or screed systems to follow.

Modern industrial synthetic resin coatings and mortar screeds for performance flooring with high mechanical properties are designed to protect concrete in a wide range of application throughout the industry.

Access to worldwide technology ensures that Indufloor’s materials, formulated from specialised polymeric resins and fillers can be applied in commercial and industrial projects from beverage manufacturers, supermarkets, hospitals and food processing areas, to factory machine shops and chemical plants, workshops and aircraft hangers, protecting concrete from chemicals, temperature and abrasion.

Specifications are designed to suit the application to withstand extreme load pressure and mechanical stresses (in areas where forklift trucks are used for instance); resistant to specific chemicals; with optional high gloss easily cleaned surfaces or smooth mat non-slip finishes or heavy-duty carborundum filled non-skid finishes.

Specialised materials determine the properties of the finished product and the speed of cure. The choice of materials determines whether the coating or screed is flexible, rigid, malleable, has high impact resistance as well as determining the mechanical, chemical and temperature resisting properties required for a specific application.

A wide range of colours is available. Indufloor products can also be formulated as wall coatings to achieve a highly coordinated effect. Their use in hospitals is obvious where extremely high standards of cleanliness are necessary and the aesthetic appeal of a seamless coloured wall finish is desirable.

Indufloor offers specifiers a turnkey operation, providing specially formulated products and a professional contracts division, giving the customer a single guarantee, and complete peace of mind.

The past twenty-five years has seen the Company grow, despite sometimes adverse economic conditions; national and international exposure has increased steadily. The Company often performs contracts in Southern African countries, namely Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia.

Internationally, Indufloor has successfully completed projects in Jamaica, Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria, Madagascar, Camaroun, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and many more. The largest contract completed to date has been for Volkswagen S.A. (50,000m²). Numerous floor projects valued above R3 Million have been completed by Indufloor nationally and internationally. A comprehensive referral list is available on request.

National and International prestigious clientele include SAB Miller, Coco-Cola, Heineken, Diageo Guiness, Botswana Meat Commission, Eskom Power Utility, Nestle, BMW, Volkswagen, Universal Leaf, Appeltiser, I & J Sea Foods, Premier Milling, Roots Butcheries and many more.

Coco-Cola / SA Brewery Project References:

Some Coco-Cola / SA Brewery projects completed by Indufloor (Pty) Ltd:

Coco-Cola Windhoek, Coco-Cola Angola, Coco-Cola Ghana,

SAB Miller Ghana, Interfact Brewery Onitsha Nigeria, Nile Brewery,

Almost fifteen thousand projects nationally and internationally have been completed by Indufloor and the Company can claim to be one of the most professional industrial flooring contracting Companies in Africa.

For a prompt response and professional attention to specific requirements please contact us at your convenience for a tailor-made solution.

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7 Silverstone Crescent
South Africa

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