Increased building security and efficiency with intelligent door communication

In modern residential properties, the majority of building technology operating functions are automated. Lighting is one such example: It is no longer operated by light switches, and instead reacts to the external light. The heating system recognises when it needs to heat up the space and when the correct temperature is reached.

As part of barrier-free construction and retrofitting, the automation of doors is becoming more and more significant, especially in the case of large, modern residential complexes. Universal and convenient access for all represents a standard that is being increasingly demanded: in the future, it will be taken for granted. As such, building automation also incorporates the automation of sliding and swing door systems. A central control and monitoring of automatic doors is not just convenient; it also increases the facility manager’s efficiency. In order to ensure that the relative operating elements used to set the commands and other settings are not accessible to everyone in the building, they are often located in the central utility room. However, without any visual contact to the automatic doors in question, the centralised controlling of areas some distance away poses risk of injury.  The “intelligence”, which decides whether to implement the commands made by the central control system, must, therefore, remain on the door itself.

Networked doors provide a holistic view
The solution for this “question of sovereignty” lies in networking doors with the help of a BUS system in a super-ordinated building system, as offered by the door and building technology specialist GEZE: The door intelligence remains on location, whilst the operating status of a door can be set, for example, from “continuously open” (day mode) to “locked” (night mode) from a distance. A CAN-based 2-wire BUS system forms the basis for the networking. The automatic swing and sliding door systems from GEZE are integrated into the BUS system using corresponding piggyback boards or I/O boxes. The emergency escape route door control units from GEZE, which are used to control and monitor the opening and closing sequences in escape and rescue routes, are already fitted with a corresponding module.

Maintain an overview and act quickly
The GEZE SecuLogic building system is a control and visualisation system for door and safety technology. It tells the facility manager or the person responsible for safety whether a door in a specified area is open or closed and allows them to control the door in question. The system allows the door to be controlled quickly and in a targeted manner on site and supports any counter measures that may be necessary. User-friendly operating elements with standardised symbols can be used to open and close automatic doors or can be set to “continuously open”, for example when in day mode. The building system is available as a control panel or as computer software. It can be precisely set to the number of networked doors in a residential complex.

The building system as a control panel
A BUS system can be used to control up to twenty automatic swing doors or individual emergency escape route door control units with one display and operating panel, either as a wall or desk panel. LED lights indicate the door statuses “locked”/”unlocked”, “open”/”closed” and “alarm”. Convenient operating panels allow automatic doors to be, for example, unlocked or unlocked for a short period of time, or for the operating mode to be changed.

The virtual display and operating panel for larger residential complexes
The GEZE SecuLogic building system (visualisation software) is recommended for residential complexes with a large number of doors across several levels. It enables the functionality of all GEZE products connected up to the system to be controlled, operated, monitored, visualised and recorded on screen with the simple click of the mouse. Entire buildings or floor plans for specific areas can be displayed for orientation purposes. The software solution can be used both centrally and as a parallel operating spot. This means that, when distributed across eight BUS lines, each with 63 doors, a total of 504 doors can be connected.

Versatile connection possibilities
The software version can be run on one or more computers. The clear user interface allows all or individual doors to be locked or unlocked centrally, without a loop via a server. The operating modes “continuously open”, “automatic”, “locked” and “closed” can be selected for automatic doors. An “event” memory records all door movements. Automatic door systems, fire and smoke protection doors with door closer functions, door control units for emergency escape route systems and motor locks can all be connected up to the system. Integrating external elements such as light and shading systems is no problem. An interface module (I/O module) is available for integrating non-BUS-compatible door technology and components from other manufacturers. Similarly, software functions, such as a clock/timer, from different elements in the BUS line can be utilised across the system. An OPC interface guarantees communication between the software solution and a super-ordinated building management system. The data from the GEZE BUS system is transferred to the super-ordinated system.

Monitor and control from anywhere in the world
With the web-based remote-control and telemaintenance tool WebCare 320, all elements connected to this building system can be securely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world. As a component of the software-supported GEZE SecuLogic building system, the tool is also installed onto a computer in the residential complex via an Internet server. The door status is recorded, making fault analysis easier. This allows issues to be recognised as they arise and to be automatically forwarded onto the operator, facility manager or service provider via, for example, email or mobile phone. This accelerates the reaction time and makes the maintenance service highly efficient, as faults can be resolved in the quickest possible time, particularly those affecting doors in sensitive areas.

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