INCA Concrete Products

INCA Concrete Products has been manufacturing superior, quality concrete products since 1973. The company’s products have been used extensively for all segments of the marketplace including residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. A complete line of interlocking paving stone, retaining wall and masonry products are available throughout the Western Cape.

INCA Concrete Products has built a reputation in the trade for producing the most consistent, quality concrete products available in the marketplace. With their state-of the-art manufacturing facilities located in Eerste Rivier. INCA has been most successful in providing their customers with superior products and exemplary service.

Environmentally Friendly – “Green” Concrete

Inca Concrete Products is dedicated to doing all they can to promote economic health and well-being in our community. They feel strongly about adhering to green building principles and have recently introduced their permeable paving range in addition to their recycled concrete products.

INCA manufactures:

  • Interlocking Concrete Pavers
  • Standard Concrete Pavers
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Erosion Control Systems – Permeable Pavers
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Masonry Products – Bricks, Sills, Lintels, Pilaster

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INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_upBenefits of Permeable Paving
INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_downBenefits of Permeable Paving

The benefits permeable paving creates for both the environment and the developer.

INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_upPermeable Paving
INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_downPermeable Paving

One of the fastest growing approaches to green site development is permeable paving. There are a variety of options of permeable concrete paving but all operate on the same principle: to allow rainwater to seep through a paved surface, which naturally cleanses pollutants and recharges aquifers instead of having the storm water run onto other properties and into storm drains.

INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_upConcrete Pavers
INCA Concrete Products
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Various options of concrete pavers offered by INCA...