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Improve accessibility and limit risks of contamination

The world is going through unprecedented times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The risks of infectious diseases and their capacity to spread have become very real and closer to home than ever. Comprehensive new measures have been put in place all over the world with new concepts such as social distancing.

We have all learned how to properly and frequently wash our hands or use sanitiser gel, how to wear and remove personal protective equipment (PPE), and have made it a habit to regularly check our temperature or any sign of contagion. At the time of lockdown measures being eased and returning to work is being envisaged, the world can concur that a new normal will be established. As one of the first lines of defence in the workplace, the lobby or reception area will be at the forefront of adaptations considered to allow a safe return to work.

Gunnebo brings a family of infection control solutions to the market, which aims to complement measures and advice already in place. H-Sense solutions provide contactless and automated infection prevention and control functionalities. Integrated with the Gunnebo turnstile, they provide efficient and easy to implement infection control processes linked to the right of access to the building, ensuring that protective measures are properly and safely enforced.

H-Sense infection control kit can be selected for retrofit within existing Gunnebo entrance gates, as well as a complete solution for new installation within premises. By screening employees and visitors, H-Sense models ensure the people and workplace are kept safe and healthy.

Automated thermal sensor for contactless temperature reading before access

One of the primary symptoms of individuals with an active infection is an elevated body temperature or fever. This temperature detection technology is synchronised with the gate operation, so the system will deny entry to individuals exhibiting an elevated body temperature above the normal range. This prevents the spread of such infections around your building at the point of entry.

H-Sense T’s 7” display pod seamlessly integrated on the turnstile, combines image analytics and thermal detection to deliver high precision, contactless body temperature detection with a measuring range from 30 – 45°C and precision of ± 0.3°C. The H-Sense T provides peace of mind that anyone within the building would have been screened for a fever, and would have a normal temperature upon entry.

Ensure PPE hygienic masks are always worn before access

H-Sense M implements recommended infection prevention measures linked to the right of access. Located in a 7” display pod seamlessly integrated on the turnstile, a high precision camera backed up by image analytics, recognises whether or not the user is wearing a hygienic mask. Automating the mask checks of personnel can lower the risks of pathogenic infection within the workplace; safeguarding both the wearer and the site population.

Integrated to the turnstile functionality it provides the ability to deny passage if a mask is not identified, thereby screening employees and visitors to mitigate the risk of spreading airborne infectious particles around your building. By automating the check of occupants wearing masks, both labour cost and the possibility of confrontation is reduced.

Contactless gel sanitiser for cleansing hands prior to access

It is well documented that practising good hand hygiene is a critical factor in preventing the spread of infection, by minimising the opportunity for infectious agents and pathogens to be deposited on hard surfaces like doors and windows, particularly in communal areas. H-Sense G combined with H-Sense T and H-Sense M, provides your building with a multi-faceted protection standard in order to safeguard all personnel. H-Sense G features an automatic sanitiser gel dispenser linked to the turnstile functions of the gate, with mounting pole and glass barrier, that will administer a dose of hand sanitiser contactless and will not allow entry unless sanitiser has been administered.

H-Sense kits and entrance control solutions provide three levels of health and sanitisation checks, ensuring the people who access the site do not display symptoms of illness, that they are wearing the correct personal protective equipment, and that they are sanitised prior to entry. Safety and health is the number one priority for the conscientious employer.

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