Ideal washroom solutions for the health of your employees

Modern employees pretty much take the provision of clean, hygienic and comfortable washrooms for granted. And they are right to do so since total commitment and conscientious work must be rewarded. Inviting while also durable and hard-wearing sanitary facilities should be as much a part of a modern company as leading-edge technologies in production.

Decision making parameters

Parameters such as low maintenance and service costs, energy-saving fittings and comfort define the basis of our product range. We can support you with all central decision-making criteria. Washrooms in office buildings project company values to visitors while also constituting an elementary feel-good factor to employees, that can have a motivating impact on them. Defined shapes and easy to clean surfaces based on contemporary designs support a friendly atmosphere in a hygienic environment and help to reduce costs. Take charge of your own image and provide a level of personal flair and exclusivity. We can support you with unique products, high-quality details and instantly identifiable concepts.

With the new EXOS. system line, Franke Water Systems offers an end-to-end design and implementation concept, from washbasin to soap dispenser – also for wheelchair accessible areas. Create a feeling of refreshment in a clearly arranged, hygienic sanitary environment. We would be happy to help you find the solution most suited to you.

Materials used

To satisfy requirements governing hygiene, functionality, durability, resistance to damage, safety, aesthetics and design, we work primarily with the following materials:

Stainless steel
There are good reasons why stainless steel is our material of choice for facilities in public and semi-public sanitary facilities. This high-quality material combines stylish aesthetics with functionality and long service life. It can be combined and complemented perfectly with materials such as glass and ceramics. Stainless steel is a material capable of absorbing and reflecting the light and colours of its environment. Stainless steel products can be integrated easily into almost any room environment. This material really does set the tone.

Stainless steel with InoxPlus surface finish
With the surface finish of InoxPlus, Franke has succeeded in further enhancing the existing properties of stainless steel. Fingerprint marks, previously a stubborn problem on stainless steel, are now a thing of the past. This is a technology involving the use of nano-particles, which bond with molecules on the surface of the metal and therefore smooth out tiny microscopic irregularities. The result takes the form of surfaces that are easy to clean and that resist fingerprint marks, thanks to their in-depth surface enhancement.

These sanitary equipment products, made of a shatter-proof mineral-based and synthetic resin-bonded material MIRANIT are ideally suited to the modern and at the same time aesthetically pleasing interior appointment of sanitary facilities. MIRANIT products are quite literally cast in one piece, with no adhesive seams and joints and deliver convincing properties such as great stability and an elegant appearance. The smooth, pore-free, hygienic and easily cleanable gel-coated surface also provides exceptional durability and resistance.

ESG glass
Single-glazed safety glass is a material that, like stainless steel, impresses by virtue of its timeless character and its ability to combine with other materials. Glass and stainless steel represent outstanding quality and timeless elegance. Both materials now form essential components of contemporary interior design. This is why a deliberate combination of these two materials is particularly appealing to the eye.

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