Hydraulic bollards security for high-risk areas

Steel bollards provide the highest levels of security to high-risk areas. Used extensively at embassies; consulates; military areas; airports; railway stations; bus stations; ports; oil and gas refineries; as well as mines. Turnstar’s security bollards also offer an open; aesthetic appearance to the area they secure. Turnstar’s engineers have ensured that they are reliable and durable too.

2019T Bollard

If your premises need the ultimate in security, let the Guardian automatic hydraulic bollard provide all the peace of mind you need.

FNB recently invested a substantial sum in the upgrading of its facilities in the Johannesburg CBD. Turnstar was called in to provide the physical security including various Speedgates and Bollards.

In total, 7 automatic hydraulic bollards were supplied and installed at a critical service entry and exit point. The bollards which run parallel to the roadway enable a car to slip into the service lane once they have lowered. Custom control stanchions and robot posts were manufactured and house all the controllers and loop detectors. After the car has passed, the bollards automatically rise, thereby reinstating the high-security level.

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Extra TALL vehicle barriers for a mine


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