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A shower is not just a shower

It may come as a surprise to most but there’s some real science and innovations behind the modern shower. From rinsing sprays and massage sprays to completely experiential sprays, Kohler has the whole shower experience covered.

Kohler Loure sqaure rainhead with Katalyst technology for air-infused water drops.

Loure square rainhead with Katalyst® technology

As the traditional bathroom continues to morph into luxurious wet rooms, force and coverage are the two main aspects to look at when deciding exactly what kind of shower experience you want to impress your guests with in your hotel.

With different drops having different effects, we break your shower options down for you…

Kohler HydroRail shower column with Flipside hand shower.

HydroRail with Flipside hand shower.

Rinsing Sprays… expect large luxurious drops engineered to provide full coverage and great rinsing, all with the right amount of force. We suggest the Katalyst Showerhead Spray with its air-infused water drops that deliver a powerful, indulgent, full-coverage spray

Massage Sprays… concentrated streams produce intense force, perfect for massaging muscles. Our recommendation is the Pulsating Massage that revitalises with a concentrated and forcefully moving spray.

Kohler Purist Shower in rose gold

Purist shower with Katalyst® technology and the Shift hand shower both in Rose Gold.

Experience Sprays… warm, gentle drops envelop the shower space, providing a relaxing retreat. Here we offer several options including Silk that creates soft, silky drops that are gentle on pets, kids and sensitive skin; Katalyst Rainshower produces a relaxing deluge of a warm summer downpour and finally Real Rain boasting its authentic cloud bursting rain experience.

Unsure of what kind of shower experience you’re after? Well, Kohler boasts shower components that can offer combinations of different shower experiences from one single showerhead. Or create an affordable spa-like experience with Kohler’s HydroRail column showers… so there’s really no pressure!

Innovation at every turn

Considering our country’s limited water resources, Kohler’s anti-drip technology, a first in South Africa, reduces water wastage in showerheads. The self-levelling ball joint reduces water dripping from the showerhead by up to 80% when closed. The increased number of nozzles also means a better showering experience.

Kohler Awaken Rain Showerhead

Kohler Awaken with rain showerheard in polished chrome with Awaken handshower on flexihose.

Katalyst® is air-induction technology for showerheads that infuses 2 litres of air per minute into the water droplets making them larger and warmer for a more luxurious experience.

With RaceTrack technology, showerheads provide an even and more consistent spray for optimal coverage, thereby reducing overspray and unnecessary wastage.

As showers continue to dominate our bathrooms, Kohler’s innovative and design forward options really do offer something for everyone.

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