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“Home security is an undeniable priority for homeowners across South Africa. It should be prioritised during a home’s architectural or interior design process in the same way other features are,” says Duncan Snyman Managing director of AMERICAN shutters®. “It should be considered as a design feature rather than a necessary compromise after the fact.”

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AMERICAN shutters’ Security Shutters blend clean-lined appeal, practicality, durability and security into a single-window treatment for both indoor and outdoor use.

Clean-lined appeal

The unique Gear-tilt system is concealed in the side stiles of the shutter panel. So without the clutter of visible tilt rods, the shutters have a clean-lined appeal. And the uncompromised view through the louvres. The overall appearance of the installation is enhanced by special frames with built-in light blockers and together with the interleafed shutter panels, the result is neat and refined.

Use AMERICAN shutters instead of burglar bars


The adjustable louvres enable different degrees of light and ventilation to enter the space, so with the simple tilt of a louvre you can easily change the view and mood of a room or open the room up completely by moving the shutter panels right off the opening. Added design features like the Gear Tilt system allow for much smoother operating and tightly fitting louvres and together with the interleafed shutter panels provide greater privacy, security and light block.


The powder-coated shutters are manufactured from architectural grade aluminium making them extremely durable for exterior use. This range, however, is also a beautiful solution for interior security with attention to detail right down to the powder coating finish that exudes a warm texture and certainly makes this range live up to the slogan ‘Security with Style’.


The double-locking bolt system secures the shutters. By simultaneously locking the top and bottom of the shutter panels into the tracks; ensures that the shutters cannot be lifted out of place. Each louvre is screwed securely through the continuous Gear Tilt system inside the robust shutter framework making for an integrated and secure panel structure.


With a choice of configurations like hinged, Bi-Fold and By-pass and a selection of standard and special colours these shutters are fully customizable and a consolidated solution for both safety and aesthetics.


AMERICAN shutters® is a longstanding company with over 30 years’ experience. Locally based in South Africa they offer a range of window covering products including blinds, timber and security shutters. As the only company in South Africa to have FSC certification for a shutter range, they take pride in their ‘green’ approach and eco-friendly products.

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Gear Tilt Security Shutters by AMERICAN shutters®

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