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Home lift will increase the value of the home

Hands on Lifts (pty) ltd introduces the new VIMEC “Home Lift” which is the brand line designed for those who want to add a lift to their home. Vimec Home lift is the customised answer to vertical mobility problems that is both environmentally sustainable and uses outstanding, and wholly Italian, technology.


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Vimec was founded in 1980 near the river Po, between the provinces of Mantova and Reggio Emilla. Over the years Vimec has become leaders in the brand line of home lifts with particular attention to technology and eco-sustainability.

Made with a wide degree of customisation, the Home lift is an investment that will increase the value of the home while ensuring notable levels of comfort and safety for the whole family.

These are tailor-made solutions where, as Vimec, we focus our attention on the details, the materials and service to assure the family that chooses us will see the value of their home enhanced and renewed year on year.

The Home Lift connects the spaces of your home in an exclusive way. The lift is an extra room, touching the materials and appreciating colours and finishes will make you feel always at home.

Get in contact with the sales team today and our friendly team will guide you through the process to your new Homelift and add that touch of Italian to your home.

Call today on (011) 918 7060 or email [email protected] to find out more about this product.

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