Fixed panel glazing IMPACT TEST

Impact testing on Hillaldam Vistaline Frameless Fixed glazing System

Impact test on the fixed panel glazing system. Hillaldam a member of AAAMSA recorded the impact test on the VistaLine.

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Fixed Panel Product Performance:

The AAAMSA Group assist with certification of various certified products.

The certification is a performance-based test of window & patio door products.

Key performance indicators:

  • air and water infiltration.
  • structural integrity, and
  • resistance to forced entry.

Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems conducted impact testing on the VistaLine Frameless Fixed glazing system. It passed with flying colours!

Watch the fixed panel test

VistaLine Impact Testing

Hillaldam recently conducted impact testing on our VistaLine Frameless Fixed glazing system and it passed with flying colours! This means that our VistaLine meets National Building Regulations. The system can be used anwhere where the National Building Regulations requires fixed panel glazing, such as, offices, atriums, elevated walkways or external walls. The system far surpassed the mandatory test with a bag drop height of approximately 3.0m still not causing failure. With no machining and a simple and fast clamp design the VistaLine is a must for all your fixed panel glazing needs.

Posted by Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

This means that the VistaLine meets National Building Regulations. The system can be used in offices, elevated walkways or external walls.



Projects completed with Hillaldam products example Mall of Africa.

The bag drop test video is at a height of 3.0m. For more information on the frameless options.

Impact testing on the system proved positive results and benefits. There is a simple and fast clamp design. VistaLine is a must for all your frameless fixed panel glazing doors.

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