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High security barriers you can trust

Gunnebo provides a range of Alltech high security barriers, ideal for controlling access in areas where strong security is required. These include hydraulic blockers, rising bollards, spike surface mount and recessed barriers, as well as one way directional spike barriers.

The Surestop Hydraulic Blocker is suitable for controlling access to high security areas such as police stations, banks, border posts, cash handling depots, high risk cargo depots, government buildings, airport security areas, embassies and the like. The hydraulic blockers can also be used in standard risk areas such as car parks, hotels, toll roads, hospitals and similar environments. Providing a high degree of impact resistance and security, the hydraulic blockers are designed for a long operational life and are safety interlocked with traffic signals.

The Rising Bollard is typically used to secure garage forecourt perimeters and shop fronts. It is ideal for ‘keep out’ zones and represents a secure and cost effective method of protecting premises and vehicles. The rising bollard operates semi-automatically by employing hydraulic energy to dampen the weight on lowering and by partially raising the bollard into place when unlocked.

The ‘Grippa’ Spike Barrier is designed for use in high security vehicle control applications, bank entrances, mines, cash delivery / collection points, casinos and more. These road recessed or surface mount traffic spikes feature adjustable mechanical stops to provide travel control. Optional accessories include a traffic signal, aluminium skirt and stop sign; a folding arm kit for low ceiling clearance; and a flashing light and surveillance system.

The One Way Directional Spike Barrier is ideal for use in high security vehicle control applications where ongoing vehicle theft occurs through an exit / entry only. When the barrier is in the closed position, the spikes protrude above ground level, thereby immobilising traffic. 

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