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Hands On Lifts is a specialist company that manufactures, maintains and repairs goods hoists, dumbwaiters, domestic elevators and all types of paraplegic lifts.

The company has years of experience and offers excellent service not only to its own products but to most other makes of lifts as well.

Platform Lifts
Goods Hoists
Residential Lifts

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Goods Lifts

The company’s focus is on selling a well-manufactured goods lift by providing top-quality winding units, landing gates, lift cars and lift components. All our products meet the stringent lift specification and are designed to ensure maximum safety and functional efficiency.


The company manufactures dumbwaiters, which are ideal for restaurants, laboratories, hospitals, clubs, stores, cash offices, banks and homes. Options include in-use lights in the landing pushbuttons, a car-arrive light, an open doorbell, a car-arrived bell and an intercom. All units carry a 12-month guarantee subject to service in accordance with the company’s recommendations.

Winding units

Designed for smooth and quiet operation, the units give a lifting speed of 12 metres/minute via an accurately machined grooved drum.

Domestic elevators

These lifts have been developed specially for elevator applications in transporting of frail, aged persons with disabilities in domestic applications. These units are not designed to carry the general public and, when installed in public areas, must be controlled by supervised use.

All personnel lifts are manufactured to the best practices and safety regulations and carry a 12-month guarantee against faulty workmanship (fair wear, tear, misuse and abuse excepted) provided that it is serviced regularly in accordance with our specifications.

Features of the lifts include a soft start inverter to provide a smooth start and stop while saving power and reducing noise. A choice of car finishes is available, with the standard option being Formica panels and Norament flooring.

They also feature emergency lights and alarms. The lifts comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, SANS 1545 Part 4 Revision 1.

Stair Lifts

As the suppliers of Vimec Stair Lifts, these units enable people to travel up and downstairs in complete safety and comfort. Vimec products are made to a
policy of leaving nothing to chance as well as analysing all possibilities in making improvements.

These stairlifts are made taking into consideration the matters of style and ergonomic and architectural barriers, such as straight stairs, turning stairs and variable gradient stairs. Units are made according to European Community standards (CE) and ISO 9001, which means reliable quality and attention to detail. These units can be installed indoors or outdoors almost anywhere, including schools, churches, stadiums, theatres, railway stations and private dwellings. Hands-On Lifts conduct sales, installation and maintenance of Vimec units and are able to provide sound technical support.

Hands On Lifts
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South Africa

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