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Wedgetech A

Wedgetech is a  maximum security traffic barrier, effectively used to protect against vehicle attack, protecting perimeter access points to the highest international standards.

Wedgetech’unique design features allows for the use of a shallow foundation of just 400mm, allowing substantial saving in civil works, when compared to traditional blockers and bollards.  The Wedgetech is also readily integrated into access control and building security systems.


Wedge Barrier
Wedgetech A

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  • Car Parks
  • Commercial & Residential Estates
  • Government Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Logistics Centres
  • Mines
  • Secure Compounds
  • Security Checkpoints

Available configuration

Wedgetech A – Impact rated wedge barrier in 2000mm- 4000mm length.

Technical features
  • Designed for an impact rate of 1 852 kJ (7.5 t truck at 80 km/h).
  • Shallow foundation (400 mm).
  • Blocking segment with optional warning plate and flashing lights.
  • Rigid construction to withstand highest-impact loads.
  • Ready-to-install unit.
  • Long-term corrosion protection.
  • Long duty cycle.
  • Designed for heavy wheel load.
  • Emergency operation during power failure via hand pump or accumulator (optional).
  • Certifications:  DOS SD-STD – 02.01 Rev. A03/2003 K12/L3 & PAS 68: V7500[N3]/80/90:0.0.0/18.0
Electrical data & conditions of use


  • Power
    Supply: 230Vac/50Hz
  •  Power
    Consumption: 4.0Kw

Logic Voltage

  •  24 Volts

Operating Temperatures

  • -20ºC to +55ºC
  •   RH 95% no condensing

EMC Compliance

  • DOS SD-STD – 02.01/PAS68


Systems integration & access specifications


  • PLC Combined beam and loop logic housed
    in drive cabinet

System Integration

  • Integrates with any access control and
    time & attendance systems with 0 voltage input

Speed of Operation

  • 3.5s – 5.0s rise and lowers in approx. 3.5s
    standard (dependent on length)
  • Emergency fast operation (EFO): Approx. 1.0s
    (with optional accumulator)

Power Failure

  • In the event of power failure or
    emergency the WEDGETECH hydraulic hand pump can be used for manual override.
  • Accumulator incl. of rechargeable
    batteries for 3 movements (optional)

Installation & maintenance

Product Delivery

  • Sub Assembled

Site Preparation

  • Flat and leveled concrete (or paved
    surface +/- 5mm, with level resistance designed for an impact rate of 1852kj
    (7.5t truck at 80km/h))
  • 400mm foundation pit needs to be dug to
    retain the WEDGETECH housing.

Cabling & Conduit

  • Trough in the ground

Logic Access

  • Housed in the barrier housing, access via
    lockable service hatch door

Maintenance Access

  • Barrier housing via lockable service
    hatch door

MTTR Mean Time To Repair

  • Approx. 1hr

MCBF Mean Cycle Between Failure

  • 5 million
Design options & accessories


  • Electro hydraulic drive in separate cabinet

Logic Controller

  • PLC logic housed in drive cabinet

Impact Load

  • 1852kg (7.5t @ 80km per hour)

Wheel Load

  • 100kN according to SLW60 – DIN1072

Cover Plate

  • Mild steel painted to standard – Flame Red
    Other choice of colour available on
    request – Not recommended for corrosive environment applications

Barrier Finished Options

  • Mild steel painted to standard – Black Other choice of colour available on request – Not recommended for corrosive environment applications

Cabinet Finished Options

  • Powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel (main
    housing section white and house lid black).
    Other choice of colour available on request – Suitable for low corrosive environment applications

Safety & Operating Accessories

  • Loop detector
  • IR safety beam transmitter and receiver/reflector
  • Warning plate flashing lights in red
  • Single/dual push button
  • Key-fob transmitter (one- or
    three-button) and receiver

Application Accessories

  • Separate control box for wall mounting
    inside a building
  • Accumulator with back-up rechargeable
    batteries (allows for 3 operations)


Dimensions & weight

Blocking Length

  • 2000/2500/3000/3500/4000

Blocking Height

  • 1200mm

Underground Housing

  • Blocking length + 360mm x W 2100mm x H

Drive Cabinet

  • H 1400mm x W 400mm x D 400mm incl. 200mm
    high base

Control Box

  • H 600mm x W 400mm x D200mm (standard)

Wedge & Cylinder Net Weight

  • Approx. 1900 – 2800kg dependent on length

Drive Cabinet Net Weight

  • Approx. 280 – 400kg
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