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Kerbtech A

Kerbtech is an enhanced security traffic barrier, effectively used to protect targeted locations. The blocker is designed for simple and quick installation and is constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

To enhance the blocker’s reliability, all the electrical controls and the hydraulic units are remotely sited above the ground in the vandal resistant, weather proof control cabinet. 

Kerbtech A – Surestop Blockers
Kerbtech A – Surestop Blocker with Boom Barrier

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  • Car Parks
  • Commercial & Residential Estates
  • Government Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Logistics Centres
  • Mines
  • Secure Compounds
  • Security Checkpoints


Available configurations

Recess mounted rising curb blocker available in 2000mm standard length and up to 4000mm.

Technical Features
  • Approximate weight of curb blocker  850 kg to 1 250 kg
  • Hydraulic enclosure unit (1 100 mm x 850 mm x 520 mm)
Electrical data & conditions of use


  •           Power Supply: 220Vac/50Hz
  •           Power Consumption: 1.5Kw

Logic Voltage

  •            220 Volts AC

Operating Temperatures

  •            -10?C to +55?C
  •            RH 95% no condensing

EMC Compliance

  •           According to CE


Systems integration & access specifications


  • KB400 PLC combined logic and loop detector

System Integration

  • Integrates with any access control and time & attendance systems
    with 0 voltage input
  • 0V inputs provided for entry and exit directions of passage
  • 0V latching input provided for control of both simultaneous and
    individual entry and exit direction

Speed of Operation

  • 4.0s  5.0s rise and lowers in 3.0s  4.0s dependent length

Flow Rates (Guideline only dependent on access control system)

  • Insertion Type Reader: 12 Passages/mn
  • Swipe Type Reader: 15 Passages/mn
  • Proximity Type Reader: 17 Passages/mn

Power Failure

  • In the event of power failure or emergency the KERBTECH will lock in a raised position by the solenoid control valve
  • Hydraulic pump can be used for manual override

Installation & maintenance

Product Overview

  • Fully Assembled

Site Preparation

  • Flat and leveled concrete (or paved surface +/- 5mm, with reasonable
    level resistance)
  • Pit needs to be dug to retain the Curb Blocker housing, as well as
    trenches for PVC sleeves 50mm/100mm leading from the pit to enclosure housing
  • 2000mm  L 2250mm x W 1370mm x D 687mm
  • 4000mm  L 4550mm x W 1370mm x D 687mm
  • Control Cabinet: L 950mm x W 620mm x D 200mm

Cabling & Conduit

  • Trough in the ground

Logic Access

  • Housed in the barrier housing, access via lockable service hatch door

Maintenance Access

  • Barrier housing via lockable service hatch door

MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

  • Approx. 1hr

MCBF (Mean Cycle Between Failure)

  • 5 million
Design options & accessories


  • Electro motorised, electronically controlled

Logic Controller

  • KB400 PLC combined logic and loop detector
  • Selector switch relay control panel

Barrier Options

  • Hot dipped galvanised steel (main housing section and housing lid black). Other choice of colour available on request. Not recommended for corrosive environment application

Cabinet Finished Options

  • Powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel (main housing section and lid black).  Other choice of colour available on request. Suitable for low corrosive environment applications

Safety & Operating Accessories

  • Loop detector
  • IR safety beam transmitter and receiver/reflector
  • Green/Red dual traffic light (incandescent light or LED)
  • Single/dual push button
  • Key-fob transmitter (one- or three-button) and receiver

Application Accessories

  • Car gooseneck options
  • Dual car/truck gooseneck options
  • Boom pole barrier
  • Gravity fed card drop box options
  • Rain covers
  • Mounted box for camera and readers


Dimensions & weight

Barrier X Length (mm)

  • L = 2000/ 3000/ 4000

Curb Blocker Dimensions (mm)

  • 500mm curb = W = L x H620 x D970
  • 650mm curb = W = L x H760 x D1200

Control Cabinet Dimensions (mm)

  • W 850 x H 1100 x D 520

Blocking Height (mm)

  • 500mm
  • 650mm

Net Weight

  • L2000 = 850Kg
  • L4000= 1250Kg
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