Pedtech FH

Pedtech full height pedestrian gates are often used in conjunction with full height turnstiles to provide special needs access. Pedtech range of full height pedestrian gates is also suitable for use as sole entry points in selected applications and easily integrate with access control systems.

Pedtech Full Height Pedestrian Gate

Rotatech with Pedtech Pedestrian Gate

Rotatech with Pedtech Pedestrian Gate

  • Construction Sites
  • Education
  • Government Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Mining
  • Public Ablutions
  • Recreational Areas
  • Stadia & Sport
  • Arenas
  • Transport & Logistics

Available configurations

Pedtech FH – 90° manual access gate
Pedtech FH Glass – 90° manual access gate

Technical features
  • Engineered for long term reliability.
  • Fast on-site maintenance and durability.
  • Integrates with any access control and time & attendance system with 0 voltage input when used in  installation with turnstile.
  • Magna lock and door closer can be provided for locking and closing mechanism
Dimensions & Weight


Overall Height

  • 2250mm

Height Clearance

  • 1988mm

Overall Width

  • 1020mm

Walkway Width

  • 980mm

Net Weight

  • Approx. 45Kg