Cleartech FH

Cleartech FH range of electro-mechanical glass full-height turnstiles feature elegant and transparent design whilst ensuring reliable unmanned pedestrian access control where pedestrians enter or exit restricted areas in a  building.

The Cleartech FH Glass full height turnstiles provide electronically bi-directional access, available in either fail-safe or fail-lock locking configurations in the event of a power failure or emergency.

Cleartech FH – 3 Arm Product Image

Cleartech Glass Turnstile Intallation

Cleartech FH Glass Turnstiles

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Education
  • Government Sites
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Recreational Areas
  • Stadia & Sport Arenas
  • Transport & Logistics
Available configuration

Cleartech FHS – Single 3-Leaf Glass Full Height Turnstile

Cleartech FHD – Double 3-Leaf Glass Full Height Turnstile

Technical features
  • Heavy-duty solenoids are rated for continuous duty cycle to ensure optimum reliability.
  • Components of the mechanism do not lose their adjustments after years of service under arduous conditions.
  • The arms are released for one rotation of 90 or 120 degrees (movement to allow one pedestrian entry/exit) by activation signal from a number of sources.
  • The turnstile arm spacing is designed to ensure a single entry/exit per legitimate activation signal.
  • Internal mechanisms return the rotor to the locked position after each rotation.
  • Integrates with any access control and time & attendance system with 0 voltage input.
Electrical data & conditions of use


  • Power Supply: 220Vac 50Hz / 110Vac 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 35W (Cleartech FHS) /
    75W (Cleartech) FHD

Logic Voltage

  • 24 VDC

Operating Temperatures

  • -10?Co +55?C
  • RH 95% no condensing

EMC Compliance

  • According to CE
Systems integration & access specifications


  • PLC

System Integration

  • Integrates with any access control and time & attendance systems with 0 voltage input
  • 0V inputs provided for entry and exit directions of passage
  • 0V latching input provided for control of
    both simultaneous and individual entry and exit direction
  • Mechanical key switch override for locking/unlocking each direction of passage

Flow Rates
Guideline only dependent
on access control system

  • Insertion Type Reader: 12 Passages/mn
  • Swipe Type Reader: 15 Passages/mn
  • Proximity Type Reader: 18 Passages/mn

Disabled Access

  • N/A. Only available in combination with a
    full height pedestrian access gate. See Alltech PEDTECH product

Emergency Egress

  • In the event of power failure or fire alarm, the turnstile may be configured to fail-safe i.e. rotor freely rotates or fair-lock i.e. rotor locks. Either option is available in both or one direction. Choice to be specified at time of order placement
Installation & maintenance

Product Delivery

  • Fully assembled or in a kit form. Choice to be specified at time of order placement.

Site Preparation

  • Flat and levelled finished floor +/- 5mm

Cabling & Conduit

  • Through the ground

Logic Access

  • Housed into overhead canopy

Maintenance Access

  • Overhead canopy access

MTTR Mean Time To Repair

  • Approx. 20mm

MCBF Mean Cycle Between Failure

  • 5 million
Mechanical and Design Options

Rotation Mechanism

  • Electronically controlled bi-directional
  • Mechanically controlled uni-directional via key override
  • Free rotation


  • Fail-lock* auto-lock in the event of a power failure
  • Fail-safe* auto-unlock in the event of the power failure

*In the event of power failure or fire alarm, the turnstile may be configured to fail-safe i.e. rotor freely rotates or fail-lock i.e. rotor locks. Either option is available in both or one
direction. Choice to be specified at time of order placement.

Material & Finishes

  • Brushed 304 stainless steel. Suitable for corrosive environment application with adequate cleaning program
  • 3 Leaf rotor slats of 10mm toughened glass with stainless steel handles


  • Access control reader mounting brackets available in various dimensions (standard H145 x W85 x D40mm)
  • Single/dual push button (supplied turnstiles mounted or non-mounted)
Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weights



Overall Height


Height Clearance


Overall Width



Walkway Width



Total Length



Net Weight