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Gunnebo South Africa

For a Safer World

Gunnebo has the latest technology and services when it comes to security worldwide in Cash Handling Automation, Entrance Control, Safes and Vaults and Service.  In Africa, no business can afford to leave an inch of their assets exposed. You can count on Gunnebo to protect your people, premises and assets through constant product innovation, proactive service and speed-to-market.

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  • Central Bank of Botswana, Airport Road Project – supply and installation of entrance control products
  • Sasol Secunda – supply and installation of entrance control products
  • Transnet New Multiproduct Pipeline – supply and installation of blast resistant doors
  • Sasol Polymers Sasolburg – supply and installation of blast resistant doors
  • Bank of Tanzania – supply and installation of vault doors and spiral
  • Nigeria Mint (BNL) – supply and installation of vault doors
  • CRDB (Tanzania) – supply and installation of mini banks
  • Bay Atlantic (c/o Etco), Nigeria – supply and installation of speedstiles, glasstiles and turnstiles
  • Bankers Warehouse, Nigeria – supply of vault doors, bullet resistant products and Alltech speedgates
  • Carnival City, Johannesburg – Alltech boom barriers
Our products and services provide security solutions for the following markets:
Cash in Transit (CIT)

Gunnebo’s approach is to provide CIT with a consolidated security solution, ensuring that the risks associated with the transfer and the processing of cash, and valuables, are managed with a complete and controlled system.

  • High-graded safes and vaults, safe deposit locking solutions and reinforced concrete doors and windows are designed to provide intrusion prevention, protecting from sabotage, threats and attacks
  • Cash handling and recycling systems ensures complete visibility and transparency of cash, saving time, managing mistakes, preventing robbery and reducing shrinkage
  • Entrance Control solutions regulate the entry of people and vehicles, as well as access to various areas into your site

Gunnebo’s security offering for banks enables you to maintain the concept of an “open” bank with a self-service area whilst keeping non-public zones secure.

  • Safeguarding the movement of cash and reducing the risk of robbery
  • Ensuring the secure handling and transfer of cash in total compliance with the regulations
  • Efficient storage with self-service deposit solutions and safes and vaults to limit the risk for staff and customers
  • Control access and monitor the flow of visitors, employees and suppliers into and out of your site, ensuring physical and entrance control protection against intrusion and physical attacks

Gunnebo understands that improved security and efficiency is key for you as a retailer.

  • Cut the number of hours spent on cash handling, reduce cash losses by creating an efficient on-site cash handling process.
  • Leverage data on customer behaviour and combat shoplifting without compromising on the shopping experience and store accessibility
  • Entrance Control access to restricted areas for improved security for your staff and customers
Mass Transit

Improve passenger mobility without compromising on security.

  • Reduce passenger processing and queuing times with our range of pre-security gates, boarding gates, immigration gates and exit breach control
  • Automated passenger detection and identification systems that provide fast and efficient movement of passengers and reduce the level of fraud and fare evasion
  • Our products allow for access control systems to show commonality when multiple transport systems are used and can be integrated into any access control system
  • Fully compliant with the new requirements to allow children or children accompanied by an adult through the gate
  • Turnstiles offer heavy throughput with minimum service requirements and running costs simplifying mobility of people into, out of and around the site
Public and Commercial Buildings

Entrance security solutions allow you to control the movement of people into, out of and around your site whilst blending into the design of the building to create an entrance area which welcomes the visitor.

  • Our product range allows for fast throughput of people, efficiency and aesthetics
  • The size and finish of Gunnebo’s entrance security solutions can be customised so that the right balance between flow rate requirement, design and utilisation of space can be found
  • Our Entrance Control solutions provide for unmanned entrances, disabled access and high security access
Industrial High Risk Sites

Create integrated high-security rated and multi-layered areas of defence around the site perimeter, at the site entrances and throughout the interior of the site to protect against unauthorised entry.

  • Rated entrance security with integrated security solutions enables you to protect people, premises and assets in high risk areas of attack
Gunnebo South Africa
For a Safer World

Grand Prix Park, Unit 7 Cnr Van Riebeeck Avenue and Silverstone Street, Gosforth Park
South Africa

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