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Gunnebo SafePay closed cash handling

Gunnebo is a pioneer in the area of closed cash handling. Together with leading retailers in Europe, the company has developed SafePay™, a secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences.

Closed cash handling replaces manual tills with recycling cash systems. Payment is counted and correct change paid automatically. Money is secured and controlled from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash-counting centre. No manual cash handling, no opportunity for cash differences and a safer store for both customers and staff.

  • A closed cash handling system should include:
  • Clearly separated open and closed areas
  • Full recycling of all denominations
  • Authenticity control
  • Ink protection for secure transportation of cash
  • Recycling transport cassettes to allow closed cash handling in back office as well
  • Modularity to fit any checkout environment
  • A clear interface between store and external partners like CIT
  • The flexibility to adapt to existing CIT infrastructure
  • Online cash management

A robbery can be a traumatic experience so the security offered by closed cash handling gives shop staff peace of mind. A closed cash handling system protects cash throughout the entire chain – from when the customer pays all the way to the cash-counting centre. No gaps in security and no weak links. Keeping cash locked away and out of sight removes the temptation for robbery. This saves retailers not just the obvious cost of robbery, but also the wider costs from the negative effect on staff and customers.

It may not be realistic to create a “cash-less” store, but closed cash handling can create a “cash-secure” store, ensuring a safer place to work and a safer place to shop. Retailers also benefit from the enforcement of proper security routines, where the exact amount of cash is accounted for at every till at any store location.

Closed cash handling requires less administration and less staff time. Cash is never handled manually and correct change is always given. Unexplained cash differences – and the task of dealing with them – are a thing of the past. Cashiers no longer need to have responsibility for cash at the till or back office administration. Their time is better spent focused on customers and generating sales.

Closed cash handling establishes a single, secure, controlled routine for the whole store and automates counting and checking. It is always clear at any time how much cash is in each till. Retailers have complete online control of cash and the benefit of automatic reconciliation.

Closed cash handling also allows retailers to build more open checkout environments and separate self-service stations, as well as offer new services such as cash-back and in-store banking. This creates more attractive stores and a better shopping experience for the customer.

Gunnebo offers a number of product solutions for closed cash handling. Click here to find out more.

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