Gripseal Chemicals
Wood & Masonery-based Sealants

GripSeal was established in 1984 in Johannesburg. We manufacture a range of water-based acrylic, sealants and adhesives, brick and slasto sealant, quarry and floor tile sealant, wood sealant in clear and over 30 colours, a weather and waterproofing compound, which dries clear and wood glue. All our products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


As all substrates and surfaces contain varying amounts of moisture, it is logical to seal with a sealant that has the same basis. The Gripseal range of unique water-based sealants is based on this concept, and the success of Gripseal is due to the fact that surfaces are sealed from within and not merely by a surfacing coating. The more porous the surface, the better it can be sealed as the substrate is more penetrable.

Gripseal’s wide range of products ensure maximum protection for your substrates or surfaces, while at the same time increases aesthetic appeal whether it be at home or in an industrial environment.

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Gripseal Chemicals
keyboard_arrow_upGripseal: Wood and Masonry Water-Based Sealants
Gripseal Chemicals
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Gripseal's product range consists of Gripseal Standard - a ready to use, tough, heat and stain resistant finish, Brick Sealer - designed for the sealing of brick surfaces, Resilience - durable, scuff, chip, heat and UV resistant top coat, Slasto and Natural Stone Sealer - waterproof and protects porous stone surfaces...

Gripseal Chemicals
keyboard_arrow_upIndoor & Outdoor Water-Based Non-Toxic Acrylic Sealants
Gripseal Chemicals
keyboard_arrow_downIndoor & Outdoor Water-Based Non-Toxic Acrylic Sealants

Gripseal gives home and industrial environments a greater aesthetic appeal and enhanced appearance by the simple application of any one of its versatile range of easy-to-use and highly effective sealers.

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keyboard_arrow_downUniquely formulated for wood protection

Everwood is a deep penetrating, UV resistant, non-film forming, and water based oil specially formulated to protect, preserve, nourish and enhance exterior wood surfaces.