Vicinity Free Standing Vertical Garden

Free-standing vertical garden for use as interior and exterior farming systems.

Vertical Gardens in your home and office provide the perfect solution to growing the freshest herbs & vegetables wherever you want to, with minimal space required and greatly reduced Water consumption.

Free standing Vertical Garden 40 Pot Kit

Free-standing Vertical Garden

Free-standing Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden Planting


  • Moveable frame with leg stands for increased flexibility
  • Modular system with unique hexagonal pots made from recycled plastic
  • Geo-textile bags that contain grow medium for plants
  • Closed loop irrigation system with optional automation
  • Full plant coverage from day 1 installation
  • Simple clip-on/off pots for easy rotation


  • Free standing systems start at 1 square meter coverage (40 pots)
  • Includes: Frame to house 4 rails, 40 pots & bags, 2 collection tanks,
  • 1 submersible pump & irrigation pipes


  • Vertical farming
  • Sustainable, water saving, farming solution to increase yields with less land space & more control over the environment
  • Harvestable walls
  • Food secure
  • You can grow Organic, Pesticide-free produce all year round, with greater diversity and less input
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is it watered?

    Our closed-loop irrigation cycles the water

  • How is it powered?

    Small 40W dc submersible pump. * plug point needed

  • Are plants provided?

    We can provide any plants required (Ornamental & Food within the Gauteng region)

  • Is maintenance required?

    Moderate maintenance needed. We offer monthly check-up & system flush.