Vertical Gardens

GreenHive is one of the few vertical gardening companies in Southern Africa specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of Modular Vertical Gardens.

For the Natural Design Enthusiast, Artisan, Contemporary and Home Chef, Farmer, Green Architect & Developer, Interior Decorator, Private Landscaper.

GreenHive was started not only to provide a completely sustainable vertical farming solution but to also reconnect people to the essence of nature in their home and work spaces.


Q: How does the irrigation work?
A closed-loop irrigation system cycles the water from the top row, through a drip method into the top row of pots that house the plants. The Geotextile bags holding our Organic soil mix and various plants become fully saturated. Through the patented pot design, the water is collected and allowed to drip uniformly into the potted plant below. This is continued until reaching the collection tanks which then recycle the water according to the requirements of your garden.

Q: How are the plants grown in the vertical system?
 All of our plants are grown in organically.

Q: Can this system be used both indoor & outdoors?
A: Our systems can be used both indoors & outdoors.

Q:  Do you only have wall-mounted options?
We have a free-standing option.

Q: Is the size of the system flexible?
Yes indeed. Our system is completely modular, allowing us to create many unique designs.

Q:  Are the components sold separately?
Yes. All of our components can be purchased separately.

Q: Can I install my vertical garden myself?
Yes absolutely. Our units are easily assembled with a home drill and a one-size allen key is provided.

Q: Is electricity required?
For some of our units a water-sealed plug point is required to operate the submersible pump. This allows for greater water management through an optional timer.

Q: Where does GreenHive deliver to?
We deliver Nationwide!