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Goldpack (Pty) Ltd is a specialist company in the import and distribution market of a versatile range of flooring products for commercial, industrial, sports and leisure applications.

Brochures / Datasheets

Pillomat: All Purpose Cushion Matting

Pillomat is an all purpose, lightweight cushioned matting ideal for covering work and storage surfaces. Its tubular construction and open grid format combine to give a soft surface with continuous airflow and automatic drainage. Pillomat’s impact resistance is a bonus wherever delicate components and tools are stored or handled, as it is an easy to clean and contaminant resistant surface in food-handling areas.

Vynagrip® Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

Vynagrip is comfortable to stand on and its deeply etched slip-resistant surface reduces accidents even when used over rough or problem floors. Manufactured from grid-welded PVC it is extremely hardwearing and it allows debris, dirt and liquid spillage to fall through or drain away.

Heronrib® 2000

Heronrib 2000 is the ideal self draining, safety matting for sports and leisure surroundings. It is made from strong, flexible PVC sections with channeled underbars for increased drainage of large amounts of water. With its embossed, slip resistant surface and Sanitized® anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives, Heronrib 2000 is warm, hygienic and comfortable to stand on…


Close/solid patterned PVC matting/flooring that can be loose-laid or glued to the floor wall to wall. Continuous extruded sheet with high scuff resistance. Available in rolls for ease of installation. Easy to cut to size and shape – ideal for indoor or outdoor use for floor protection and floor enhancement …

Product Data Sheet: Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System

Front Runner Safety Entrance Matting is a highly effective ‘clean and scrape’ dirt entrance flooring system. The open grid allows debris to fall through, plus it is heel proof and slip resistant. Frontrunner Entrance Matting can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for wheeled traffic including shopping trolleys…

Vynagrip® Industrial Matting

Vinagrip improves the safety of employees in industrial situations and other standing applications. The matting is specially designed to provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface which will reduce leg strain and tiredness while boosting productivity. The open grid design means spillages and dirt fall through and provide a slip-resistant standing surface.


Developed by Plastex primarily for the food processing and preparation industries, Herongripa is a specialised vinyl matting solution, which is resistant to animal fat and oils. The wide spaced open grid format allows waste and spillages to fall through, keeping the standing area free of slippery and potentially hazardous matter. The one piece hardwearing vinyl roll format allows for ease of rolling up during cleaning routines. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives ensure continued hygienic performance.

Frontrunner SB: Entrance Flooring System

Frontrunner SB’s open ribbed top surface removes underfoot dirt so as not to be subsequently carried in, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. Its flexible PVC composition allows for easy cutting on site to fit any shape. Frontrunner SB’s hollow ribbed construction makes it light to handle during installation yet sturdy enough to be heel and wheel proof. Additionally, the 6mm overall height eliminates the requirement for a recessed matwell. The ribbed top surface and solid backing combination allows for the containment of debris out of the traffic area. The solid backing facilitates bonding to subfloors.

Frontrunner SB+ Entrance Flooring System

New to the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System range, is a solid backed entrance flooring system. With the same characteristics as Frontrunner SB, Frontrunner SB+ has added absorbent inserts with monofilament scrapers that remove moisture at the entrance, providing clean and dry all in one movement. The ribbed top surface and solid backing combination allows for the containment of debris out of the traffic area. The solid backing facilitates bonding to subfloors.

Frontrunner Entrance Flooring Systems

Frontrunner is the first stage of any entrance protection. It is equally effective indoors and outside – for removal of grit and debris from under-shoe. Frontrunner’s close grid, hardwearing properties are wheelchair friendly and slip-resistant…

Floorline®: Hygienic & Hardwearing Cushion Tread Matting

When you’re busy, the last thing you want to have to do is stop to mop up a spillage or to replace a broken tool or component. Floorline’s cushioned slip-resistant PVC grid not only reduce breakages but it raises people slightly above floor level, so any spillage will drain through where it can be cleaned later.

Crossgrip® Roof Walkway Matting

Crossgrip is used on flat roofs to provide safe access for maintenance of roof top services. The matting is designed to be impermeable in all weathers and its 14mm height provides permanent slip resistance, even in areas where water may pool. Crossgrip does not react with existing roof membranes and only requires minimal periodic maintenance, such as cleaning of weather-borne debris and visual inspection for damage or movement.

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