Profiled steel sheeting

Most of HH Robertson profiles can be cranked and curved. Contact the manufacturer for more specific information.


HH Robertson products are available from 0,40 to 0,80 mm in Z275 and Z600 spelter, galvanised, galvalume steel, 304, 316 or 430 grade stainless steel or grade 3004 aluminium. HH Robertson is the only local supplier of colour coated stainless steel.

Finish (Embossed)

HH Robertson products are available either embossed with a unique HH Robertson stucco pattern which reduces glare, minimises potentially unsightly oil canning, and aesthetically enhances the appearance of a building, or with a natural smooth mill finish.


Global-Duro is a multi-layered high-build system of coatings applied to both sides of the steel core giving double-sided corrosion protection. Versacor/Global-Duro surpasses its predecessor in terms of almost complete freedom from maintenance, outstanding resistance to the effects of aggressive environments and inherent aesthetic appeal.

Accessories/other products 

Corner and other flashings, serrated ridge and eave closer pieces, ridge caps, louvres and a complete range of natural ventilators (see index), guttering and downpipes, spreaders, brackets and fasteners, special Thermaclip fasteners, washers, sealants and sealing strips. A composite structural floor systems are also available (see index).

BR 7

BR 7 offers added advantages compared to other box rib profiles. It features an increased cover width of 889 mm making for less side laps and greater economy. Closer spaced ribs of 127 mm CTR\’s yield better strength and increased purlin spacings.


DEKTILE is a self-supporting steel roofing product made of long, lightweight panels for easy installation. It is the roofing system which is both a complete weather membrane and a structural component. DEKTILE is an economical solution to roofing requirements, both for new roofs and old roofs needing replacement. The main features include:

  • Low weight – reduces the cost of handling and distribution.
  • Long panels – increased speed of installation. Built-in structural member – reduced building components resulting in saving time and money.
  • A choice of decorative layers over galvanised steel – for durability and aesthetics.

Cranking and Curving Profiled Steel Sheeting

Steel Roofing