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Automatic Door Systems

Unlimited options for your door solutions
GEZE automatic door systems

The automatic door systems from GEZE open up an almost unlimited range of door design options. Daily, millions of people enjoy their natural convenience. The most modern of innovative drives in which high-performance capability, security, convenience and design are a priority and go towards ensuring that the automatic door solutions from GEZE are both the focus and the eye-catcher of every entrance area.

Automatic swing doors are characterised by a simple assembly process and they can also be retrofitted.

Automatic sliding door systems from GEZE are modern, space-saving and elegant.

Automatic revolving doors are used in the entrance areas for large and representative buildings. They combine architectural beauty with the greatest of functionality

Activation devices are used to control and safeguard the automatic door systems.

Door Technology

Door Technology – Versatility and reliability
Multiple optical and technical options – with GEZE door closers and sliding door systems

Door closers ensure the safe closing of doors that must always be closed and monitored or should be closed and monitored in the event of a fire. GEZE has a wide range of door closer systems available designed specifically for use in fire prevention systems.

Overhead door closers provide a suitable technical approach for all requirements.

Integrated door closers are space-saving, invisible and add an elegant air to the door.

Floor spring door closers ensure convenience and flexibility for all current double action and swing door types.

The sliding door systems from GEZE employ a filigree, precise technology for use with sliding doors and other moving elements. Regardless of whether they are castor or bearing based sliding door fittings, they can be used with the most diverse of sliding doors and moving elements.

RWA and Ventilation Technology

Solutions for all your requests
GEZE window technology: Ventilation technology, as well as smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA)

GEZE provides solutions for different requirements for all aspects of window opening and closing. The product range is diversified and ranges from fanlight opening systems, fitting solutions for large windows and drive systems for daily airing and ventilating, to complete fresh air supply and exhaust air solutions for safe and fast natural smoke extraction (‘SHEV’) in the event of a fire.

The ventilation systems are used for comfortable daily ventilation. Their area of application includes bottom or top hung windows opening inwards and top hung windows opening outwards. Solutions for special shapes are also offered, e.g. angular, triangular, semi-circular and segmental arch windows opening inwards.

The most important task of preventative fire protection is to keep emergency exits smoke-free, to enable people to find their way to safety on their own, if possible. Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) divert the smoke efficiently from the building after automatic or manual triggering.

Safety Technology

Safety first
Safety technology for public buildings

Whether it be hospitals, schools or discothèques, or buildings that often have thousands of people in them, security systems are essential for the safety of the buildings, fire prevention, and the safety of the people.

The interplay of the various GEZE system components, for example, automatic door drives, door closers, motor locks, emergency exit door openers, fire and danger alarm systems or access control systems all using the TZ 320 door control unit as the “brain” of the system, forms the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system. This system lives up to all of the requirements made of an extremely modern, reliable and design-oriented system solution. The GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system meets EltVTR.

As a web-based “all-in-one” system solution with all door components, the GEZE SecuLogic access control system meets all of the requirements made of a modern access control system. GEZE offers the system with both biometric or card-based identification modes.

Underwriting locking, reliable safeguards against burglary, quick opening in the event of an emergency and controlled access – these are the strengths of the self-locking panic locks from GEZE. Individual security concepts result in optimal solutions.

Glass Systems

Transparency and elegance
Glass systems for an open and transparent room design

In many modern buildings and in particular, in public buildings or shopping centres, glass has replaced facades, partitions and doors made of cement, wood or plastic. Even in the private construction sector, glass is constantly becoming more significant. Solutions made of glass can melt subtly into the architecture of a building, or stand out and accentuate it. The fields of application are almost unlimited. GEZE offers various technologies for functional, very strong and aesthetic solutions with plenty of design play and without the need to go without heat, warmth and flexibility of planning.

Integrated all-glass systems – Technology behind glass
If hardware systems and profiles are to leave the aesthetics of the glass elements completely untouched, integrated all-glass systems are the ideal solution. The invisible integration of door hardware and profiles between two flush panes of glass ensures for great transparency.

All-glass-systems – The elegant stainless steel designer fittings
The elegant and high quality all-glass hardware systems stand out as a result of their timeless design and open up a wide range of potential uses, in particular for sliding doors. The all-glass system stainless steel hardware is made with a two-point supporter so that door leaf weights of up to 120 kg are possible.

Building Management System

A perfect system world
GEZE SecuLogic building technology facility management systems

GEZE SecuLogic provides a facility management system for building technology that optimally fulfils the high demands made of buildings with particular security needs. With SecuLogic, GEZE door, window and safety technology system solutions can be integrated in the building security and control system. Employed as the central control and visualisation system SecuLogic monitors a wide range of automation components in building technology and offers security as a result of a mutli-faceted networking options. A single system takes on the simultaneous monitoring of

Automatic door systems
Door closing devices for fire and smoke protection doors
Window drives for smoke and heat extraction and for daily ventilation
Emergency exit systems and panic locks
Third-party products (e.g. light controls)
Product features

Simple orientation: Intuitive to operate and provides an overview of all essential information as a result of the 3D representation of the entire building
Clear symbol language: The system controls all, even mechanically operated, doors and clearly shows whether a door is open or closed.
Clearly structured operating elements: Buttons enable doors to be opened in the event of an escape, and to be closed when there is smoke.
System errors are shown in plain writing: In the event of a fault, specialists do not need to be consulted.
Regular checks for error recognition and elimination as a result of monitoring using the virtual display indicator board VAT 220 SN
Monitoring with the virtual display indicator board VAT 220 SN

Simple putting into operation of the bus system thanks to Plug&Play capability
Interface to other management systems via OPC
Quick to understand thanks to simple and clear graphics
Simple to operate thanks to the use of the same symbols on the screen and on the operating elements at the connecting doors and windows.
Integration of both mechanical and automatic doors in the control environment
Better overview as a result of the 3D representation on screen

Design Solutions

Eye-catcher for your visitors – innovative, customised entrance solutions that impress

A building reveals its character as soon as you see the design of its entrance area. With fine framing, in the form of all-glass solutions and with exceptional designs, revolving and sliding doors add a very special touch to your entrance area. In co-operation with you, we achieve unique and architecturally perfect entrances. Whilst doing so, your wishes and expectations are always our main focus.

We offer a multitude of system solutions:

Semi-circular and circular sliding doors – drive design with only 7 cm of installation height
Revolving doors – Eye-catcher and “pivot” at the same time!
Corner Sliding doors – any angle between 90 and 270 degrees is possible!
Application areas of individual revolving and sliding doors

Representative buildings worldwide are fitted with entrance solutions from GEZE. Applications in different areas reflect our many years of experience.

Hotels, restaurants and museums
Shopping centres and banks
Office buildings and public buildings
Airports and stations
Hospitals and care facilities
Your advantages – the most important for us

Individuality: Customised entrance areas with revolving and sliding doors
Advisory skills: Regulations and laws are already considered and implemented during the planning phase by the competent GEZE consultants.
Quality: Top-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and continuous further development of our products ensure top quality.
Comfort: We implement comfortable and secure building accesses.
Climate: Revolving doors and draught lobbies separate the indoor and outdoor climate. Draughts and noise stay outside.
Would you like to welcome your visitors with a very special entrance solution?
We are happy to consult you and draw up the optimum solution together with you.

Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
71229 Leonberg, Germany

Please use our architects’ hotline or send us your preferred way of contact – of course, also via e-mail (do not forget your phone number!):

Architects’ hotline: +49 1802-4393 22 55
E-mail: [email protected]

Project Solutions

GEZE Project Solutions – “One-Stop” Advice

Comprehensive planning and products that are in sync for always optimum building functions are the prerequisites for implementing larger project solutions.

GEZE project solutions fulfil the highest requirements in functionality, quality and design. Products from GEZE can be found in renowned buildings worldwide.

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