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Bathroom and Sanitaryware

Geberit Southern Africa is part of the Geberit Group which has its headquarters in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland; a listed Company on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 1999 and since 2012, the Geberit share has been included in the SMI (Swiss Market Index).

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European market leader in the field of sanitary products. Since the Company was founded by Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert, in 1874, it has been consistently seting new standards in the sanitary industry with top-quality products for behind and in front of the wall.

The Geberit Group generates sales from more than 100 countries and operates sales offices in over 40 countries. The Group has 35 production facilities and collectively employs over 12,000 people who are committed to providing customers with innovative, sustainable and durable products, of the highest quality. Whilst the sales activities are concentrated in the major European markets, Geberit is active in Central and Eastern Europe, France, the United Kingdom, the Nordic Countries, North America, China, India, South East Asia and Africa, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and ceramics.

Geberit is well established in Southern Africa, with three regional branches located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. A satellite branch looking after the Southern & Eastern Cape is located in Port Elizabeth and an office dedicated to being of service to the neighbouring Southern African Countries is located in Johannesburg. In each of these three major regions, there is a comprehensive sales office with project design support, fully equipped warehousing and training facilities.

Geberit’s range of products is designed for use in commercial and residential buildings for both new and renovation projects. The comprehensive product range includes sanitary and piping systems as well as sanitary ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture. They are innovative, durable and eco-efficient and create considerable benefit for trade customers, craftsmen and end users:

Sanitary Systems comprises all sanitary technology found in buildings, divided into four product lines: Installation Systems for wal hung toilets, Cisterns and Mechanisms, Taps and Flushing Systems, Waste Fittings and Traps.

Piping Systems comprises all piping technology found in buildings, from water supply to roof and building drainage.

Sanitary Ceramics comprises all relevant sanitary equipment in the bathroom and is divided into Bathroom Ceramics and Bathroom Furniture.

From the onset, the Company has stood out due to its pioneering spirit and strong capacity for innovation, customer partnerships, sharing of know-how, creating reliable and durable solutions with a focus on improving quality of life. These principles are founded on the Group’s wide-ranging research and development activities. All new product developments go through a structured process. Customers can therefore rest assured that new products meet their needs – not to mention the very highest quality standards.

Brochures / Datasheets

Geberit Aquaclean The Shower Toilet

Water is indispensable for daily personal hygiene. It cleans, freshens and lends a unique experience of well-being. That is why more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about natural and beneficial WC hygiene with water. After all, those who feel fresh and clean the whole day radiate assurance and attractiveness – and thus self-confidence. Geberit AquaClean offers you this well-being at the touch of a button: beneficial and thorough. Let yourself be convinced by the completely new feeling of freshness in our shower toilets and enjoy the extra helping of self-confidence it brings with it the whole day through, everywhere and in every situation.

Geberit Acrylic Bathtubs

Geberit completes its bathroom collection with the three premium bathtub models Acanto, Supero and Rekord. The bathtubs are made of solid-coloured acrylic and they come in different sizes to match any bathroom layout.

Covert Affairs Concealed Cisterns

The Geberit actuator plates not only come in a big design variety, but also for every application. Be it at home, in a semi-public place like a hospital, or in a public place with a high traffic like e.g. an airport: there is an actuator plate for every requirement.

Standing Ovation Reference Objects Middle East / Africa 2017

Clients all around the world rely on Geberit’s products and services. Our reference list with architectural highlights, awarded green buildings and other impressive constructions illustrates the trust our clients have in us and proves what great projects can be developed with Geberit as a reliable partner.

Bathroom Culture for Hotel Guests

Geberit’s range of sanitaryware for hotels include: Concealed cisterns, Geberit Sigma, Geberit Omega, Public solutions, Electronic taps, Ceramics and furniture, Rimfree WC bowl, Geberit AquaClean, Shower drains, Geberit Monolith, Geberit DuoFresh…

Bathroom Collection

Geberit is a European market leader in the field of sanitary products, providing outstanding added value in sanitary technology and bathroom products.

View Reference Magazine 2018

Once a year, “VIEW” provides a snapshot of what is going on around the wold in the fields of architecture and interior design. In this issue, you will find over 20 recent projects from almost as many countries.  What all of these have in common, of course, is products from Geberit – all of which play their part in mastering the respective construction task. The Geberit Group has made a name for itself with top-class sanitary technology. However, this is only one side of the story: with newly acquired expertise in the field of bathroom design, the fruits of our knowledge are also becoming increasingly visible as well…

Geberit Know-How Customer Magazine (March 2018)

Read up about the new ACANTO BATHROOM SERIES, designed specifically for the diverse requirements of the consumer and the GEBERIT VARIFORM WASHBASINS, a new range of under-countertop, countertop and lay-on washbasins in a variety of different sizes and shapes to complement the Geberit bathroom series range. We are excited to introduce a new compact and versatile addition to the Geberit AquaClean family – TUMA CLASSIC AND COMFORT SHOWER TOILET, plus so much more.

Know-How Magazine - December 2017

No two buildings are the same. This statement is particularly true when it comes to their acoustic properties. After all, even small details sometimes make a big difference here. Not long after the Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory in Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland was opened, a big wish came true for our customer advisers: they were able to offer the architects and sanitary engineers involved in major residential and hotel projects professional acoustic analyses of the planned sanitary installations.  Find out more on pages 6 -9 on how this is done…

We Manage Waterflows

From beginning to end. Geberit systems deliver solutions for water supply, use, flushing and drainage. From bathroom ceramics and furniture, taps and actuators in front of the wall, to concealed cisterns, pipe work and house drainage: you get it all from one source.

AquaClean WC

Water is an integral part of daily personal hygiene. It cleans, refreshes and brings a new feeling of well-being. Geberit AquaClean offers you at the touch of a button a gentle, natural toilet hygiene that uses water instead of paper

Geberit Specifier

Specify your bathroom according to your needs with interrelating products. Get all the key product data in one file: from article numbers, technical drawings, product specifications, and pictures.

Geberit - Know-How Customer Magazine: September 2017

This issue of Geberit’s Customer Know-How magazine addresses: Shower toilets in pre-school bathrooms, improvements to the CleanLine shower channel, the expansion of Geberit’s logistics centre in Pfullendorf, putting the AquaClean shower toilet to the test, and Geberit’s new venture into ceramic products. Also read about Geberit supplying 36 Kilometres of  Mapress Stainless Steel pipes

Slim and Clever Taps

The Geberit tap system product range has an appealingly clear structure and offers a great deal of flexibility; two design lines, each suitable for wall-mounted or deck-mounted situations, three energy concepts and installation elements in different versions. The Geberit tap system can be used in public and semi-public sanitary installations with individual washbasins or in-row installations. The options for combining the taps with washbasin ceramics are virtually limitless.

Know-How Customer Magazine: March 2017

What does a manufacturer have to do in order to ensure that its products can be installed as easily as possible and without any errors? In 2017, Geberit will once again be launching many new products that answer this question. Take the shower surface Setaplano, for example – a product where as many components as possible are pre-assembled at the factory. Or how about the new tap system, where the installation of wall-mounted taps is now finally nothing to fear? Then there are the new Pluvia roof outlets, whose outlet grating can be installed and removed without any tools thanks to the new rotating lock bar. When developing each of these products, a great effort was made to simplify the installation process. And as is standard with Geberit, we brought in plumbers from various markets during an early project stage and carried out realistic trials. The findings from these tests led to further improvements to product details.

iCon Bathroom Collection

The Geberit iCon bathroom series is a reflection of personality, and is as multifaceted as people and their lives today. An extensive range of ceramic products and bathroom furniture in a clear and modern design language provides maximum design flexibility.

Flushing Technology

Saving water is a global theme that is constantly increasing in significance. The Geberit range of filling and flush valves more than meets this requirement and offers a complete solution for exposed cisterns around the world. The Geberit filling and flush valves have been tried and tested for decades and are extremely popular with plumbers as they are so easy to install, offering a reliable, problem-free flushing performance.

Clean Drains: Solutions for Floor-Even Showers

Wherever installation needs to be as simple as possible and costs kept as low as they can be, the Geberit floor drain is the best solution – and the most compact one as well, with only 80 x 80 mm grating area. Hidden under the grating are the great qualities that make Geberit one of the world’s leading providers of sanitary technology.

Keramag: Rimfree®: Rimless WC Hygience

When choosing a WC, these days ease of care and pristine hygiene are playing an increasingly important role alongside great design. Keramag presents the new generation of easy-care WCs: the Rimfree® WCs. Developed in the style of the Keramag bathroom series, tailored to special requirements, fitted with features such as automatic soft-close WC seats or water-saving 4.5 litre flushes – and, above all, with no rims. Discover the benefits and variety of Keramag Rimfree® WCs.

Supply and Drainage Systems

Geberit supply and drainage systems for industrial applications: Supply and drainage systems for transporting waters, oils, gases, compressed air and many other media in industrial applications must fulfil the most demanding safety standards. With know-how and experience gathered over decades, Geberit develops products and systems that ensure smooth operation. With extensive service and logistics activities, the company ensures that things stay that way.

Waste and Drainage Systems, Waste Fitting and Traps

Geberit stands for know-how in the field of sanitary technology. From the connection to the water supply through to the distribution to all of the floors and consumers, all the way to the drainage of roofs and buildings into the public sewage system, you can rely on Geberit systems. With Geberit, you can provide your customers with state-of-the-art technological solutions with respect to hydraulics, fire protection and sound insulation, reliability and environmental properties.

Waste and Drainage Systems

Geberit HDPE is the state of the art in drainage systems and is a real alternative to systems made of conventional materials. It combines flexibility with robustness and reliability. Geberit HDPE is the complete solution for all types of drainage, both above and below ground and also with regard to chemical waste. The Geberit Silent-db20 is a drainage system for buildings with increased sound insulation values.

Mapress Application Technique

Geberit Mapress is one of the leading pressfitting systems worldwide and has proven its performance over the past 40 years. It offers a complete supply piping system with pressfittings, pipes, valves, tools and accessories completing the range. With systems manufactured from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and CuNiFe, Geberit Mapress can be used for an extensive range of applications, from domestic drinking water and heating systems to industrial and marine uses.

Mepla Application Technique

Geberit Mepla is a corrosion-resistant supply system for all drinking water qualities and universal applications. Mepla system pipes can be used for sanitary applications as well as for heating, cooling and compressed air. The pressed joint and the multilayer pipe meet all requirements of modern domestic drinking water installations. Geberit Mepla combines the stability advantages of metal with the corrosion resistance of plastic.

Mapress Pressing Collars

Geberit has introduced new pressing collars for the Geberit Mapress pressing system. When pressing Geberit Mapress system pipes, the d76.1–108 pressing collars are used for large diameters. Geberit has redesigned these pressing collars and improved their handling. No matter what the alignment of the pipe, the pressing collars are held firm by a snap mechanism.

Pressing Tools

Less weight, quicker operation and much more: more convenience, better performance and more advantages. That’s what the new Geberit pressing tools offer in comparison to their predecessors. The new Geberit pressing tools ACO 203 and ECO 203 are more compact, lighter and offer better performance than their predecessors.

Geberit Monolith and Geberit Monolith Plus

The family of Geberit Monolith sanitary modules for WCs has welcomed its latest member: the Geberit Monolith Plus. All future users will enjoy additional convenience functions such as odour extraction straight from the WC ceramic appliance, the discreet orientation light and the electronic soft-touch buttons.

Innovations for your Bathroom

Innovations for your bathroom includes everything you need for a bathroom at a glance: Geberit Monolith, actuator plates, Geberit DuoFresh, Geberit AquaClean flushing systems, shower channels, wall drains, bathing…

Geberit Know-How Customer Magazine: December 2015

“There are basically two options when it comes to optimising the acoustic properties of a sanitary installation, namely modifying the source of the sound or reducing the sound transmission. We do both”, says Oliver Wolff, Head of Building Physics at Geberit. For example, the company systematically ensures that sanitary products produce only minimal noise levels right from the development stage onwards. A good example in this regard is the new shower toilet AquaClean Mera. Here, the inner geometry of the rimless WC ceramic appliance was designed so that the flush not only cleans thoroughly, but also virtually noiselessly…

Flushing Systems

The Geberit flushing systems comes in either a round or rectangular design with actuator buttons or touchless actuation. The Sigma series of actuator plates highlights what the perfect combination of elegant actuator plate and well thought out technology can make possible.

Geberit Bathroom Design

Powerful presence, either individually or when combined: there are Geberit Monolith sanitary modules for the WC, the bidet and for the washbasin. One WC ceramic appliance and one actuator plate – the modern WC needs no more than this to leave behind a lasting impression. The Geberit wall drain for showers is proof that “simple” is simply better. This is also evident when it comes to cleaning. The Geberit bathtub drain with PushControl is not much more than a flat button…

Self-Sustainable Power Supply for Geberit Basin Taps

Touchless basin taps produce their own operational current. Flowing water generates power and this power is used to supply the touchless basin taps with electrical current, hence making the taps independent from mains supply or batteries. The recommendable solution for everyone who sets a high value on sustainability and ecology.

Geberit Reference Magazine 2014: Water is our Element

Our products are environmentally friendly, conserve resources and save water, and we strive to make constant improvements on all three fronts. This means that Geberit will continue to contribute significantly towards meeting the high sustainability standards in green building projects.

Geberit Piping Catalogue

Geberit’s piping catalogue: waste and drainage systems (HDPE pipes, Pluvia roof drainage system, Silent db20, floor drains, traps), water supply systems (Mepla and Mapress) and Geberit tools.

Geberit Reference Magazine 2011: Water is our Source of Inspiration

“View” reference magazine features a wide range of topics showing Geberit’s broad involvement in international architectural projects and designs, giving you a deeper insight into their philosophy.

Geberit Reference Magazine 2013: We Build Perfect Waterways

Those who demand structural and functional quality make a lasting and sustainable investment. This is why Geberit sets new standards by consistently implementing eco-design and makes no compromises when it comes to product development. Geberit has devoted itself to comprehensively sustainable products that meet the highest standards, thus providing innovative system solutions for sustainable building.

Geberit Customer Magazine: March 2016

Flexibility is the signature feature of the new Geberit urinal system: a suitable solution is available for virtually any requirement and any construction task. The comprehensive product range means that the planning, installation and maintenance of urinal systems are all greatly simplified…

Geberit Know-How Customer Magazine: June 2017

In this issue, Geberit addresses: The AquaClean Mera Classic shower toilet, Technical support for Geberit Pluvia, Sustainable urinal systems, as well as, involvement in Nepal and Quality Control

Customer Magazine September 2016

Sanitary technology from Geberit offers maximum comfort even in seemingly minimalist bathrooms. When planning a modern bathroom, an odour extraction unit for the toilet is an absolute must. Geberit offers various solutions, all of which are effective, quiet and ensure greater comfort in the bathroom.

Keramag: Levada

Levada offers a smart and stylish look for every bathroom with products tailored for the project segment. Therefore it offers great value for money. The wall-hung WC and the close-coupled WC are also available in a Rimfree® version which means clear advantages in terms of cleaning and hygiene.

Actuator Plates

So that everything matches: used in combination with the matching concealed cistern, Geberit actuator plates in the Sigma range cover a wide variety of applications and comfort functions. The Geberit flushing system Omega offers great flexibility and particularly small actuator plates. Both flushing systems offer tool-free final installation and guaranteed spare parts availability for 25 years. You therefore have a wide selection of both Geberit actuator plates and reliable Geberit installation elements for installation behind the wall. And Geberit actuator plates bear the name of the suitable cistern so that you can be certain that everything will match.

Filling and Flush Valves

Saving water is a global theme that is constantly increasing in significance. The Geberit range of filling and flush valves more than meets this requirement and offers a complete solution for exposed cisterns around the world.

Sanitary Systems and Ceramics for Semi-Public and Public Facilities

High-performance products and systems for bathrooms and sanitary facilities, with the highest degree of reliability and durability to ensure safe operation in high-traffic sanitary installations. Touchless and hidden cisterns and mechanisms are particularly hygienic and vandal resistant. Barrier-free solutions provide freedom of movement for physically challenged persons. Sanitary flushing prevents stagnation in the pipes and ensures increased drinking water quality. Innovative traps guarantee water drainage without fear of malfunction. Water-saving flush systems and even waterless urinals top off the range of Geberit products for the public area…

Mapress Carbon Steel

With the Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel pressing system and a wide range of seal rings, sizes and fittings, all supply pipes for heating connections can be installed quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with visible safety. Combined with our perfectly coordinated Geberit Mapress pressing tools, permanently tight connections…

Mapress Stainless Steel

With the new Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel pressing system and a wide, ideally co-ordinated range of seal rings, sizes and fittings, all sanitary and building supply systems can be installed quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with visible safety.

Mepla Pressing System

The universally applicable Mepla pressing system comprises the system pipe, press fitting and pressing tool. The system is available in diameters 16 to 75 mm. An extensive range of fittings for all requirements as well as intelligent solutions for connecting the supply system to other installation elements…

Bathroom Renovations: Sanitaryware

You want to renovate your bathroom. It should be more practical, easier to clean. And it should look roomier, even if space is limited. There are various ways to implement your ideas: Either you can specifically update individual elements or you can renovate the room from A to Z…

Shower Drains

The drain is the only element that interrupts the space created by floor even showers. Geberit uses good design to solve this dilemma. The innovative shower element moves the drain from the floor to the wall, opening up the room. The new wall inlet drain also offers practical advantages. The hair trap can be easily accessed…

Sanitary Fittings: Overview

An overview of Geberit’s range of sanitary fittings: Shower drains, unique systems to regulate water flow, drainage and overflow while increasing bathtub comfort, traps for washbasins, an ingenious hygiene system for WC’s and the latest sanitary solutions for sustainable construction…

Bathroom Culture for Hotel Guests

If you decide to change your hotel bathrooms in a modern and spacious well-being area, then a concealed solution is the best choice. Placing the cistern behind the wall and choosing a wall-hung solution has a lot of advantages. For your hotel bathroom it means saving space and more hygiene. As the cistern is behind the wall, the staff has got less to clean and cleaning the ceramics is also much quicker. Thus, this solution even saves time and money….

Citterio Bathroom Collection

Geberit Citterio combines puristic contours with organically flowing shapes, resulting in an unmistakable design language. A premium bathroom series of products with remarkable originality, designed with timeless elegance and quality.

Xeno² Bathroom Collection

Superior poise to perfection. the Geberit Xeno² bathroom series is synonymous with architectonic design minimalism. It boasts a perfectly coordinated product range of intelligent, well thought-through elements created in an identical design language.

Smyle Bathroom Collection

Geberit Smyle brings harmony and vitality into family bathrooms. With its contemporary design and elaborate lines, the bathroom series creates a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience.

Floor-Even Shower Drains

Today, floor-even showers are an important part of discerning, comfortable bathrooms – they offer considerably more comfort and simply look better.

Alpha Product Range

The Geberit Alpha Cisterns are the perfect choice for a small bathroom. The small actuators are the finishing and discreet touch to a modern bathroom. The Alpha Cisterns are equipped with a high-end flush valve and a top silent fill valve, exceeding Sound Class 1 requirements. Brackets for the in-wall installation are also included.

Electricity and Water in the WC Area

Geberit AquaClean 8000/8000 Plus, AquaClean Sela, integrated conduit pipe for AquaClean / AquaClean Sela water supply connection, touchless actuator plates, DuoFresh odour extraction…

Actuator Plates for WC Flush Controls

Toilet and urinal flush control actuation featuring a coordinated design: the result is a single design thread running through the whole bathroom. The flush actuations for urinals, which match the actuator plates for toilets, can either be actuated by hand (pneumatic) or via touchless technology (electronic)…

Installation Systems

Geberit Duofix installation system, GIS installation system, Kombifix installation system and Monolith sanitary modules.

Managing Waterflows

The benefits of a concealed preWall installation is no longer water and drain connections that determine the position of the WC or urinal, but the optimal design and planning of the room. New partition walls and the wall-hung system give you a free reign with any bathroom design. Concealed installations are more hygienic…

Omega Concealed Cisterns

The newly developed Geberit Omega concealed cistern can be installed at heights of 82cm or 98cm which delivers outstanding flush performance every time. A water-saving dual flush conserves valuable resources and helps the cistern achieve maximum efficiency.

Monolith Sanitary Modules

Geberit Monolith for washbasins, bidets and WCs. The Monolith Plus sanitary module for WCs is a genuine all-rounder. Its integrated odour extraction function, intelligent sensor technology and exceptionally convenient flush actuation are just three of the many features it offers…

Delta Product Range: Concealed Cisterns and Actuator Plates

Be it a solid or a drywall construction, the Geberit Delta range offers an installation system for the respective situation. The Delta range of actuator plates offers designs for single and dual-flush. The single flush actuators offer the possibility to save water with the stop-and-go-function.

Monolith Sanitary Modules

Geberit Monolith for washbasins, bidets and WCs. The Geberit Monolith sanitary module is made of high-quality, low-maintenance materials such as glass and aluminium and contains Geberit’s proven sanitary technology as well as flexible interfaces that make for quick and secure installation with existing connections…

Wall Drain for Showers

Geberit has launched a new innovation: installing the shower drain in the wall. Geberit wall drains for showers have proven to be a really good choice in both bathroom renovation projects and new buildings alike, that they are virtually setting new trends and standards.

Innovations 2014: Sanitary Fittings

Geberit’s innovations including the market launch of the concealed cistern. In order to make installing cisterns easier, Geberit developed different installation systems. For example, the high-quality Kombifix system, which includes all fasting material, carries weight up to 400kg and can be used…

HDPE Sovent Fitting

Geberit HDPE Sovent fittings take care of pressure compensation in discharge stacks. In doing so, they increase the capacity of the stacks and eliminate the need to install a parallel ventilating pipe, which leads to substantial cost savings in terms of both materials and labour.

Concealed Cisterns: Sanitary Fittings

Growing demand for concealed cisterns has worked to the advantage of the development of prewall installation technology. Today, the possibility of prefabricating entire sanitary walls in their own workshops and then installing them as a complete unit at the construction site, is attractive to many plumbers.

Pluvia Roof Drainage System

The Geberit Pluvia syphonic roof drainage system is widely used in the industrial and commerical sector for all roofs larger than 1000m2. The technical principle and high drainage capacity of Pluvia ensure that the system can be used in a wide range of applications: flat roofs, shed-type, dome-shaped and arched roofs…

HDPE pipes - The Drainage System

Geberit HDPE is the total solution for all types of drainage including above ground, below ground and chemical waste.

AquaClean Sela Floorstanding Shower Toilet

As a floor-standing version that is connected to the wall with no gaps, the Geberit AquaClean Sela is a perfect fit for the Geberit Monolith sanitary module. The shower toilet can be connected to a wall or floor outlet. A new adjustable S-bend has been developed for use in cases where floor outlets are being used.

HDPE Drainage Pipes

Ten reasons to use HDPE drainage pipes: Always a great solution, connections that suit any need, ideal for prefabrication, permanently leakproof, inside walls and floors, resistant to UV radiation, shockproof and flexible, resistant to chemicals, very high discharge capacities, excellent fire protection.

Electrofusion Machine ESG 3

Geberit electrofusion machine ESG 3 for Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 piping systems is designed to handle the challenges that building sites present on a daily basis. It is easy to use, delivers excellent performance and is suitable for electrofusion couplings and electrofusion couplings with integrated thermal fuses…

Mepla Pressing Collars

Pressing collars with dimension d63 and up are used for pressing Geberit Mepla pipes. Geberit has redesigned these pressing collars and improved their handling. The new collars are held firmly in place on the pressfitting thanks to a snap mechanism. The same adapter jaw as the one used with Geberit Mapress can be used…

Mepla - Application Technique

Geberit Mepla is a corrosion-resistant supply system for all drinking water qualities and universal applications.

IQNet and SQS Certificate

IQNet and SQS Certificate ISO 9001:2000 Sanitary Technology

SQS Certificate

Swiss Association for Quality & Management Systems SQS Certificate for Sanitary Technology.

SQS Certificate Appendix

Appendix to SQS Certificate for Sanitary Technology.

SABS Certification

SABS Certification SANS 821 / SANS 821:2002 WC Flushing Cisterns

JASWIC Certificate of Acceptance

JASWIC Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Installation Components Certificate of Acceptance for HDPE Pipe.

Mapress Seal Ring FKM for Saturated Steam

Industrial plants, textile cleaning systems, canteen kitchens and other industries all require saturated steam. To date, the pipes used for this have generally been welded, but now Geberit has developed a seal ring that is able to permanently withstand the special requirements of cyclical saturated steam systems…

Sovent Competence Brochure

Geberit Sovent reduces the pneumatic and hydraulic pressure, offers versatile branch joining possibilities, reduces stack sizes with same loading capacities as a secondary ventilated system and saves space.

DuoFresh Odour Extraction Unit

The new Geberit DuoFresh WC system brings a breath of fresh air to your bathroom. The secret lies hidden behind the wall. A switch on the actuator plate activates the odour extraction system, which purifies the air using the active carbon filter and releases it back out into the room. This solution does not just cover up odours like an air freshener, or spread them around the room first like conventional bathroom ventilation systems, it purifies the air.

Clean Lines

A really neat solution. Geberit shower channels CleanLine not only looks great, they are also easy to clean. Thanks to innovative design, the shower channels can be cleaned both easily and thoroughly in next to no time.

Bathroomware and Bathroom Fittings

Geberit’s range of bathroomware and fittings.

Sovent and Geberit HDPE Pipes

Geberit drainage systems and drainage pipes: multiple joint solution, increased stack capacities, best solution for high rise buildings, completely leakproof, perfectly suitable for prefabrication, resistance to extreme temperature, resistance to impact and highly flexible, resistance to chemicals…

Concealed Systems

Geberit’s range of wall-hung systems consists of the Sigma Range and the Omega Range. The Kombifix is used for wall-hung applications and the concealed cistern is used for floor standing applications. The DuoFix option is available for dry wall applications.

Monolith Plus for WCs: Sanitary Module

Geberit is presenting additional convenience functions for the Monolith sanitary module for WCs: an effective odour extraction unit, a discreet orientation light and electronic actuator buttons. This beautifully designed module fits virtually all standard WC ceramic appliances as well as all Geberit AquaClean shower toilets.

In Wall Shower Drain

The Geberit wall drain permits floor-even showering in pure form. Integrated behind the wall, it is outstanding not only for its elegance but also for its clear added value in terms of planning, installation and maintenance.

Shower Element - Overview of installation

Overview of Geberit Shower Element installation

Shower Drains

Spaciousness and elegance account for the appeal of floor even showers. As the drain is often the single visible feature, Geberit’s philosophy is to turn it into an aesthetic masterpiece. Now there are sleek drainage channels and clever drain cover designs, and our latest creation is the wall inlet drainage system for floor-even showers. The innovative concealed Geberit shower element lets the water flow from water supply to the drain in wonderful harmony.

South Africa

Palm D'Or, Oasis Retirement Resorts - Cape Town
Rosebank Towers - Johannesburg
Stats SA Head Office - Pretoria
WWF South Africa Building - Johannesburg
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa - Cape Town
Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital - Cape Town
Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital - Johannesburg
Infinity Residential development in Bakoven - Cape Town
Metropolis on Park apartments - Johannesburg
MultiChoice City - Johannesburg; Verde Hotel - Cape TownKey West - Cape Town
Key West - Cape Town
Katherine & West - Sandton
Main Straight Office Park - Bryanston
Cell C Park, Waterfall City - Johannesburg
Amrod, Waterfall City - Johannesburg
Nelson Mandela Square renovation - Sandton
Webber Wentzel Building - Sandton
Alexander Forbes Building - Johannesburg
Stats SA - Pretoria
Christian Barnard Netcare Hospital - Cape Town
Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence - Cape Town
15 Alice Lane Towers - Johannesburg
Bay West Mall - Port Elizabeth
Fontein Primary School - Port Elizabeth
Booysens Factory - East London
Portside - Cape Town
Silos - Cape Town
Umhlanga Sands revamp - Durban
Fairmont Hotel, Zimbali - Durban
LIV Village - KZN
Cottonlands Primary School - Durban
Mosque Waterfall City - Johannesburg
Netcare Waterfall City Hospital - Johannesburg
City Lodge Waterfall - Johannesburg
Westcon Offices Waterfall - Johannesburg
Tshwane House - Pretoria
Isa Carstens Academy - Pretoria
Hatfield Studio Apartments - Pretoria
Burnett Studio Apartments - Pretoria
Mpumalanga High Court Offices - Nelspruit
Mpumalanga High Court - Nelspruit
Distell Warehouse - Springs
Coca-Cola Fortune - Polokwane
LSC Mill Farm - Bloemfontein


Southern Sun Maputo - Mozambique
Fairscape Precinct Development , Gaborone - Botswana
Four Seasons Safari Lodge - Tanzania
Mauritius Commercial Bank - Mauritius
The Horizon, Maputo - Mozambique
The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Cairo - Egypt
Radisson Blu Hotel - Togo
Radisson Blu Okoume Palace Hotel - Gabon
Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Inter Continental Addis, Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Geberit Southern Africa

Meadow view Business Estate, 6 Meadowview Ln & Clulee Road, Linbro Park, Johannesburg, 2090
South Africa

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