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Washroom, sanitary and bathroom products

Franke Kitchen and Washroom Systems is the world’s leading provider of intelligent systems for both domestic and commercial sectors.

Designed with the end-user in mind, Franke boasts a comprehensive range of sinks and mixers. In our commercial sector, Franke has an innovative range, enabling our professional customers to set benchmarks of their own. We are expert partners, dedicated to creating complete hygiene systems that outshine the rest in functionality, design and durability.

The factory is based in Durban with sales offices in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban.

Bathroom with WC Pans
Mortuarty Products
Deko 260 Washer Disinfector
Zip Hydroboil
Wash Hand Basin
Washroom Systems
Washroom Systems – Stratos
Grab Rails

Washroom accessories and grab rails

Franke have a wide range of stainless steel accessories for all applications; hands free, wall mounted and recessed accessories. In addition we offer a wide range of grab rails for various applications. Our product range includes solid stainless steel bathroom accessories, ideally suited for such applications as: hotels, hostels and other public establishments.

The new Rodan range of accessories, its timeless design with angular side profiles lends itself to the contemporary décor of heavily frequented washrooms and restrooms.


Franke manufacture a wide range of stainless steel sanitaryware. The WC Pans are manufactured using state of-the-art robotic technology. Other products include; vanity basins, urinals and a pressed shower tray. We manufacture a range of heavy duty security items, suitable for high vandalism areas.

Self closing and sensor operated taps and mixers

Complementing the Franke range of accessories, a new range of self closing/sensor operated basin taps and mixers have been added. The taps and mixers are of a heavy duty design to improve hygiene and decrease water consumption in public ablutions.

Hospital and mortuary products

Our hospital range includes stainless steel Slop Hoppers, Drip Sinks, Bottle Racks, Bed Pan Wash Up, Surgeon Scrub Up Units, Plaster of Paris Sinks and Baths. Our mortuary range includes; Trolleys, Body Trays, Instrument Cabinets and Writing Desks.

Deko disinfection units

Hygiene is the essential first step in the preparation of reusable medical devices for disinfection. Franke’s Deko units are automatic micro-processor controlled washer disinfector units for medical and laboratory application such as hospital, clinic, pathology, dentistry and veterinary applications. Our range includes: Instrument Washer and Disinfection Units, Bedpan Washer and Disinfection Units.

Zip Hydroboil and Chillers

Zip Hydroboils are convenient plumbed-in boiling water systems that deliver instant boiling water 24 hours a day. It is a sealed system to provide ultimate hygiene and low electricity consumption. It is steam free and low maintenance.

Zip chillers are manufactured to provide chilled water under extreme temperatures. The units are plumbed to provide low operating costs, together with convenience.

The world's foremost kitchen sink manufacturer

1194 South Coast Road, Mobeni
South Africa

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