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Kitchen Fittings

Franke South Africa specialises in the manufacture of stainless steel kitchen sinks.

They offer a comprehensive range of taps and accessories to compliment their kitchen sinks.

The factory is based in Durban, with sales offices in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban.

Kitchen sinks

Franke’s comprehensive range of inset sinks, with seamless pressed bowls are manufactured from a high grade, corrosion resistant Austenitic stainless steel. New to the inset sink range is the Polyedro, which is a unique, fashionable diamond shaped bowl, a fresh design from Italy. Secondly we have introduced the new Neptune sink range, the new 200mm deep bowl range from Franke Europe, a stylish new edition to the Franke range.

The inset sinks feature recessed draining ledges that prevent water from flowing over the draining board, deep bowls and a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee against corrosion.

Stylish and durable, the Franke undermount sink range offers a variety in style and size, catering for all type of kitchens and tastes.

Franke’s drop-on range of sinks is available in single or double bowls, being manufactured from state-of-the-art monoblock technology. Designed specifically to fit snugly on the top of a kitchen unit, this traditional range is suitable for any contemporary kitchen; these sinks are affordable and are recommended for low cost housing projects.


No kitchen system is complete without accessories. Franke accessories include chopping boards, plastic inserts and baskets/dish drying racks specifically designed to suit Franke sinks. Other accessories such as fold up drying rack and inset kitchen scales are also available. Accessory kits are also offered.

Triflow – Water Purification System

Discover the unique advantages and health benefits of the Franke Triflow water filtration system. Designed and fitted with a premium-grade carbon activated cartridge, the Franke Triflow is a health-conscious and quality drinking water filtration system. The Triflow dispenses hot, cold and perfectly filtered drinking water. The filtration system has the ability to filter out chlorides, odours and sedimentation from the water; it however does not ‘strip’ the water of its goodness and retains beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium – essential for a healthy diet.

Sink Mixers

Franke sink mixers are designed to suit all types of sinks, including inset sinks and preparation bowls. Franke also offers mixers with retractable spouts for ease of use. We have a 5 year guarantee on the body construction of the mixer; each sink mixer is aesthetically designed to complement the Franke system.

Waste management products

To ensure hygiene and efficient removal of waste in the home, Franke has a range of waste management products comprising of; inset and sorter bins, waste disposers and Spazio plumbing kits.

Zip Hydroboil and Chillers

Zip Hydroboils are convenient plumbed-in boiling water systems that deliver instant boiling water 24 hours a day. It is a sealed system to provide ultimate hygiene and low electricity consumption. It is steam free and low maintenance.

Zip chillers are manufactured to provide chilled water under extreme temperatures. The units are plumbed to provide low operating costs, together with convenience.

Quinline is a “soft edge” range of inset sinks
Galileo features an overflow and 90mm basket strainer waste fittings
Kitchenette: Ideal for Garden Cottages, Studio Apartments and Student Pads
The Neptune 200mm deep bowl range
Zip Hydroboil
The world's foremost kitchen sink manufacturer

1194 South Coast Road, Mobeni
South Africa

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