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Fortifying Richmond Park Estate

Richmond Park Estate, a prestigious residential development, recently took a significant step in enhancing its security measures. Turnstar Systems, a renowned name in access control solutions, successfully completed their latest project at Richmond Park Estate. This project involved the installation of three cutting-edge Velocity automatic vehicle barriers, equipped with OPTIC LED barrier arms and radar sensors. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable security solution, shedding light on its features and the benefits it brings to the community.

Turnstar Systems, a renowned name in access control solutions, successfully completed their latest project at Richmond Park Estate.

Securing Richmond Park Estate

The importance of security

Security is the cornerstone of a peaceful and thriving community. Richmond Park Estate, recognizing this, chose to fortify its security infrastructure. This decision not only safeguards residents and their assets but also upholds the reputation of the estate as a safe haven for its inhabitants.

Turnstar Systems: A leader in access control

When it comes to access control, Turnstar Systems is a name that stands out. With a track record of providing innovative and reliable solutions, Turnstar Systems was the natural choice for Richmond Park Estate.

Velocity Automatic Vehicle Barriers

OPTIC LED Barrier Arms

One of the standout features of the Velocity automatic vehicle barriers is the OPTIC LED barrier arms. These arms are not only highly visible, but they also incorporate cutting-edge LED technology. This ensures that they are easily seen, even in low-light conditions.

Radar Sensors for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount, and that’s why the Velocity barriers at Richmond Park Estate are fitted with radar sensors. These sensors are designed to detect the presence of vehicles and pedestrians. The integration of radar technology adds an extra layer of security, as it ensures that the barriers only operate when it’s safe to do so.

The Integration of Modern Technology

This project exemplifies the perfect marriage between modern technology and security. Turnstar Systems’ commitment to innovation is evident in the design and implementation of these barriers.

Key Features of Velocity Automatic Vehicle Barriers

The Velocity barriers offer a range of features, including:

  • Rapid operation
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • High visibility
  • Safety features
  • Customization options

Installation Process

The installation of these barriers was conducted by a team of highly skilled professionals. This ensures that the barriers function optimally and reliably.

Minimal Disruption

Richmond Park Estate residents experienced minimal disruption during the installation process. Turnstar Systems prioritizes convenience and safety in all their projects.

User-Friendly Control System

The control system for these barriers is designed with simplicity in mind. Residents and authorized personnel can effortlessly manage the barriers, further enhancing the community’s convenience.

Maintenance and Support

Turnstar Systems provides comprehensive maintenance and support services, ensuring that the Velocity barriers at Richmond Park Estate remain in perfect working order.

Benefits of the Project

Enhanced Security

The primary benefit of this project is enhanced security. Richmond Park Estate now has a robust security infrastructure in place.


Residents enjoy the convenience of easy access while unauthorized vehicles are kept at bay.


The OPTIC LED barrier arms add an aesthetic touch to the estate’s entrance, making it visually appealing.


Turnstar Systems’ successful project at Richmond Park Estate is a testament to the power of modern technology in enhancing security. These Velocity automatic vehicle barriers, equipped with OPTIC LED barrier arms and radar sensors, have not only secured the estate but also added a touch of sophistication. The community can rest easy, knowing that their safety is in capable hands.

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