For all your escape and fire door requirements

GEZE FIRE and their associated partners can specify, supply and install any of your escape and fire door requirements (hinged, sliding and glass). This includes the door hardware according to SANS regulations.

External doors:

A solid Masonite door, clad with galvanised steel sheets on the external side, is used.

Full galvanised channels are fitted to the hinge side as well as the top and bottom of the door leaf.  The leading edge of the door is fitted with a galvanised meeting stile/slam bar which also acts as a deterrent for security purposes as it protects the locks.

Geze is able to supply and install these doors into existing frame work on site or make up new doors and frames as a unit. When making up escape doors as a unit, the company will always make use of a 1.6mm mild steel frame with a 25mm rebate (bolt-on or mortise lugs) with three brass butt hinges.


Escape doors:

Ironmongery used on escape doors must allow for easy escape and these doors are fitted with: panic bolts, pull handle or lever handles for locksets with thumb turn cylinders. Maglocks can also be fitted but will comply with NBR regulations. Door closers are often required on these doors as they need to stay closed in the event of a fire.

Fire doors (hinged, sliding, glass):

Manufactured to SABS 1253:1994 and stringently tested by SABS over the years with a proven fire protection rate of up to two hours.

Geze fire doors are constructed with an inner monolithic, asbestos free, fire resistant core.

The fire doors are lightweight, weighing only 29kg per standard size (W813 x H2032) panel which makes it easier to carry, load and install.

Fire doors are manufactured to the required size with various veneer finishes to match existing surfaces which are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for any environment.

Frames can be manufacture to suit all wall requirements including existing wall openings and partitions.

These fire doors are supplied with a purpose made 1.6mm or 2mm steel frame and a 25mm rebate. They are hinged to meet your requirements, one and a half standard brass hinges, antitheft hinges or continuous hinges.

Geze fire doors also have reinforced steel inserts strategically located within the core material to strengthen hinging and hydraulic closure attachments. Additional steel preps can be inserted for panic hardware.

Geze will not only supply a quality product at a competitive price but also guarantee an excellent backup service.

For any enquiries please contact Nico van der Linde at 083 500 6621 or email [email protected]

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