Turnstiles, Revolving Doors and Access Contol

With over 25 years of experience in personnel and vehicle access control, Flow Systems offers a range of over 150 access control products, including turnstiles, revolving doors, security cubicles and traffic control barriers. The range caters for entrances where the desired control is no more than orderly entrance and exit, right up to high-security, metal detection and bullet-resistant access control, with a strong emphasis on safety and aesthetics.

Waist-Height Turnstiles and Gates

The comprehensive range includes: various swing gates where access for paraplegics, trolleys, etc. is required; uni- or bidirectional turnstiles for regulating crowds in situations such as supermarkets, stadiums, entrance foyers, etc; a highly practical space-saver unit for installations where space considerations are important, available in single and double turnstile versions or with service gate; and four-arm turnstiles, recommended for situations where ruggedness is required.

Full-Height Turnstiles (Industrial & Prestige)

A range of full-height turnstiles for industrial applications, such as mining and manufacturing, is manufactured and designed for maximum impenetrability to guide personnel automatically.

  • Type ELO: exit or entry rotation is allowed by signal from electronic remote control, e.g. pushbutton, card reader, etc.
  • Type MO: from locked position, exit or entry rotation is allowed by means of mechanical remote control.
  • Type WUNL: rotation in one predetermined direction; free entry on hand push.
Revolving Doors & Access Control Cubicles

The company supplies a range of automatic and manual revolving doors for corporate access control. The operation of the automatic revolving door is facilitated by card readers and/or a control station, with a selection of four modes of operation: controlled access, free access, emergency and night lock mode. For manual doors, the door rotor operation is manual and it is ‘locked’ mechanically. A standard feature is the self-centering function that stops the rotor in a ‘locked’ position. Non-standard finishes and door diameters are available on request.


Equipment is installed by skilled and experienced staff who remain involved throughout the process, from site preparation through to installation.


A detailed report of the operation can be provided, with particular attention given to environmental aspects, aesthetic requirements, degree of control and impenetrability, installation requirements, space considerations, ease of upgrading and urgency of installation. Full after-sales service is provided.

Glass Turnstile and Gate (Model 377 and 427)

Waist height three arm turnstile (Model 392)

Access Control Revolving Doors (Model 385)

Glass Automatic Revolving Door (Model – KAO23)

Stainless steel Industrial full height single turnstile (model 718)

Industrial Full Height Double Turnstile (Model 356)