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Access control barriers

Flow Systems Manufacturers manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains the widest and highest quality engineered range of turnstiles, revolving doors, security booths and traffic control barriers. The company manufactures, installs and maintains physical access control barriers for vehicles and pedestrians for industrial as well as prestige applications.

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Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_upAutomatic Round Access Control Booth: Model FSM3000E
Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_downAutomatic Round Access Control Booth: Model FSM3000E

FSM3000E is an automatic interlock round unit available both in powder coated and stainless steel options. It is the optimum solution for good looking yet effective access control. Equipped with curved sliding doors controlled by a powerful motorised system, it provides rigorous control while maintaining a high flow of passage...

Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_upFSC 330: Speed Gate
Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_downFSC 330: Speed Gate

The FSC SPEED GATE 330 is a motorised gate where the essence of raw materials such as steel and glass are shaped into a modern style, to make entrances particularly elegant and secure. This system for access control is composed of two or more cabinets that through swing glass enable automatic entrance and exit. The unit comes in a standard 600mm wide passage or a 900mm wide passage for paraplegic use. Moreover the customer can also choose different glass heights to increase the physical security of the gate.

Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_upAccess Control – Product Range
Flow Systems Manufacturers
keyboard_arrow_downAccess Control – Product Range

The access control product range consists of revolving doors, industrial turnstiles, vehicle access control, booths, cubicles, mantraps, prestige turnstiles and biometrics...

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keyboard_arrow_upAccess control radar system ideal for retrofitting
keyboard_arrow_downAccess control radar system ideal for retrofitting

The access control radar system is a package of modules that can be retro-fitted into a commonly configured building reception area or lobby, converting that space into a high security mantrap which allows the entry of only one authorised person at a time, while ignoring any cart, luggage or parcels in their possession.

keyboard_arrow_upSafety for residents with Flow Systems turnstiles
keyboard_arrow_downSafety for residents with Flow Systems turnstiles

AFHCO is a developer and investor in affordable residential accommodation in inner-city Johannesburg. Security is a prime concern and this was solved by installing biometric turnstiles in the residential blocks, ensuring that only residents gain entry.

keyboard_arrow_upTwo arm technology – turnstile with escape route function
keyboard_arrow_downTwo arm technology – turnstile with escape route function

Security against unauthorised access is just as high with 2-arm turnstiles as with Flow Systems’ long-proven 3-arm turnstiles, and at comparable investment costs. In case of emergency, especially indoors, the 3-arm option with fold-down arms has long been used as reliable safety technology. The 2-arm technology is the logical next step in development after the folding-arm turnstile. It takes the above advantages and adds a new dimension of security, economy and comfort.

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