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Flooring footholds in the hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors

Traviata has come a long way – its “rigid core” interlocking vinyl options, such as IsoCore, Traviloc XL-RCB, and Firm Fit, have gained strong footholds in the hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential sectors. These options are known for their stability, variety, acoustics, air quality, and efficiency, and have been specified for major projects.

Flooring hotel lobby

The IsoCore range has become a top choice for international hotel groups, largely due to its superior acoustic properties. It has been approved by the Marriott group and has been used in projects like the Yacht Club in Cape Town and One on Whitely in Johannesburg. The herringbone option of IsoCore has also found favour with brands like Radisson. This option, with its four-sided drop lock, is easy to install in single or double herringbone patterns and is popular among designers. The most recent project completed using IsoCore herringbone is in Livingstone, Zambia, and upcoming projects include Radisson, Tsogo, Ibis, and Meridien hotels.

Courtyard hospitality room

Traviloc XL-RCB is an SPC core flooring with a full commercial wear layer. It is widely used in residential and commercial projects and has also found a place in the hospitality sector, primarily for hotel bedrooms. The recently completed and highly publicised Courtyard hotel in Waterfall used Traviloc XL-RCB throughout, and the Gold Reef City Hotel has also been upgraded using it. New projects for Traviloc XL-RCB include Holiday Inn, Accor/Mercure, and Novotel specifications.

Gym herringbone flooring

Traviata’s Firm Fit range has not only dominated the residential market in South Africa but has also proven to be extremely versatile, finding its way into the retail, commercial, and hospitality sectors. These rich wood grain boards are available as a stock range in a residential grade but can also be secured in a commercial grade on a project basis. For instance, the Milady’s store group exclusively used Firm Fit throughout South Africa, while the Nedbank offices in Namibia feature Firm Fit in their portfolio. Firm Fit has also been used in the Premier group’s Cape Manor hotel and the Capital in Sandton, rounding out its claim of being Traviata’s most versatile option.

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