On a cold winter’s day evening while driving  back home, your car will tell your heating and air-conditioning system at home that you are 5 minutes away and that it should start preparing a comfortable and relaxing temperature inside the house.

By the time you get home your house will be requested to switch on the outside boundary wall lights /and to open the front gate, but only if it is safe for you to enter. While you are driving in, the gate behind you will close and you will conveniently drive into an open garage.

Without the single press of a button, your home will welcome you with a pleasant display of light and a comfortable room temperature while playing soft background music exactly the way you like it.

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keyboard_arrow_upSensors: Universal Weather Station
keyboard_arrow_downSensors: Universal Weather Station

Product Data Sheet - Universal weather station. Measurement and evaluation of weather data: wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, brightness, global radiation, twilight, temperature, relative air humidity and air pressure. Installation on the outside of buildings, preferable in the roof and facade area...

keyboard_arrow_upSensors: JUNG Presence Detector Mini Standard
keyboard_arrow_downSensors: JUNG Presence Detector Mini Standard

Product Data Sheet - Presence Detector Mini with integrated BCU. These presence sensors are used for requirement-oriented control of lighting, room thermostats and other electrical consumers in interior rooms... 

keyboard_arrow_upAudio Visual: JUNG Multiroom Amplifier
keyboard_arrow_downAudio Visual: JUNG Multiroom Amplifier

Product Data Sheet - KNX Multiroom amplifier with web radio, 8 outputs.

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keyboard_arrow_upControl your home with your smartphone
keyboard_arrow_downControl your home with your smartphone

Excellumax provides very cost effective home automation solutions by adding a thin layer of innovative technology on top of your existing building installation that can also easily be reverted to the conventional operation.

keyboard_arrow_upDoor communication with aspirations
keyboard_arrow_downDoor communication with aspirations

JUNG and Siedle are offering electrical installations ranging from switch systems, suitable indoor stations and building automation with KNX through to the entire Siedle door communication range. These include apps, the Scope mobile video communication station and system extensions such as letterboxes, access control and lighting.

keyboard_arrow_upGaining insight into your building’s energy consumption
keyboard_arrow_downGaining insight into your building’s energy consumption

Before implementing any energy saving initiatives, you need to assess the expected savings first. Excellumax does this by metering your building’s power consumption and other variables. The company then uses its energy reporting software, AR2 SoftwareTM, to process the data and gain valuable insight into your building’s energy consumption.


keyboard_arrow_upExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control
keyboard_arrow_downExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control