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Everite Nutec flat sheets

Everite Nutec flat sheets where low mass construction is a priority, lightweight Nutec Flat Sheets make for easy handling and installation. They can be fixed to light gauge metal or timber.

Everite Nutec flat sheets used to clad this building façade

Nutec Flat Sheets are economical, multi-purpose building boards that can be used in diverse exterior and interior applications, ranging from cladding, eaves linings and fascias to ceilings, partitioning, panelling and suspended flooring.

Nutec High-Density and Medium Density flat sheets provide considerable scope for design flexibility and creative expression. Nutec Flat Sheets are produced in a smooth or textured finish. They are supplied in a neutral colour that can accept a wide variety of coatings and paints to suit the palette of any application.

The range includes Nutec Tongue & Groove that is available in a plain or realistic wood grain finish.

Everite Nutec flat sheets are ideal for low mass construction.

Adding a second storey with Nutec flat sheets and LSF

Light Steel Frame Building (LSF) was used when this old masonry built Parktown house was scheduled for full-scale renovation – including the addition of a 140 m2 second storey using LSF clad with Nutec Flat Sheets in less than 10 weeks.

In the case of the Parktown house, LSF showed to be ideal for adding a second floor as it was not necessary to strengthen the foundations due to the low mass of the LSF structure above.

In terms of Nutec products specified for this project, major savings in transportation and installation costs using Nutec translated into meeting the architect’s objective of using “Green” building methods from start to finish.

Light steel frame construction with Everite Nutec flat sheetsInstallation of Nutec floorboards and cladding requires minimal labour under skilled supervision. The finished installation gives the appearance of traditional solid material, with the benefits of rapid installation and superior consistency and quality.

Research* has shown that an LSF house clad with Nutec Flat Sheets and suitable insulation is significantly more energy-efficient than more traditional construction methods with regard to both the embodied energy of the materials and components and the operational energy, which refers to the energy used in heating and cooling the building over its design life.

* Reference:

‘A predictive comparative thermal performance analysis for the light steel frame and masonry residential buildings’ – T Kumirai and Dr D Conradie, CSIR.


SASFA – Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association.

More about Nutec

Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec Roofing and Cladding Solutions and includes fibre-cement roofing, cladding, ceilings and building columns amongst others.

Nutec fibre cement’s high-performance properties and added benefits include the use of safe renewable fibres; considerable tensile strength with enhanced dynamic load-bearing properties; excellent thermal properties; water and wind resistance; hail resistance; fire resistance and resistance to fungus, rodents and acid.

Nutec is the registered name for products manufactured without asbestos as a raw material. Nutec fibre cement products are manufactured using a mixture of cellulose fibre, cement, silica and water. Through ongoing research and development, Everite Building Products is committed to providing products of world-class quality.

Accordingly, the Nutec product range is continuously reviewed not only in the interests of the end-user and superior product performance but also with respect to its impact on the environment.

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