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Hybrid Lifting Stations

The New Hybrid Lifting Station Family – we have made the direct connection safe and reliable

Constant running of a standard lifting station even with gravity sloped drainage. Why?

Lifting stations are often installed as a safety measure even though gravity sloped drainage is available. The disadvantage is that these systems must pump every single litre of collected wastewater. This leads to constant operation of the pumps, high energy usage, wear and tear on the system as well as nuisance noise – with the new KESSEL Hybrid Lifting Station, all these problems are solved.

The Pumpfix F and Ecolift XL Hybrid Lifting Stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary – during backwater. The Pumpfix F(for domestic applications) and the Ecolift XL (for industrial applications) are the new ideal solutions for installation in gravity wastewater drainage systems – both for new construction and renovations

The direct connection saves energy

A standard lifting station must collect every litre of incoming wastewater and pump it into the sewer which is the constant use of valuable energy. The KESSEL Hybrid Lifting Stations function differently – they only activate when they are actually needed. This makes them much more ecological as well as economical – reducing energy and maintenance. The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL systems offer significant energy savings as well as reduce service and maintenance costs.

The direct connection is quiet

Despite modern mechanical components and noise insulation, operating pumps create noise and vibrations which are often considered to be annoying in applications such as homes, offices, hospitals or retirement homes. The new Hybrid Lifting Stations also offer a solution here – the pumps on the new Hybrid Lifting Stations operate only when absolutely necessary.

The direct connection provides operational reliability

Reliable operation is of utmost importance for building drainage – even during power outages. The Pumpfix Fand Ecolift XL Hybrid Lifting Stations provide this reliability and even function during power outages. Using natural gravity drainage, these new systems allow wastewater to freely flow to the sewer even during a power outage. This is not only a major advantage in domestic homes or apartments but also in commercial or industrial applications where an interruption of operation could lead to expensive downtime costs.

Pumpfix F – Backwater Pumping Station

Wastewater disposal even when water backs up

Pumpfix F pumps against backwater and discharges surface water. It protects drainage fixtures such as shower, sink, washing machine and outside steps down to the basement which is below the backwater level.

The wastewater is discharged continually and without the use of energy to the sewer through gravity. In the event of the backwater, the pump macerates any solids and pumps the building’s wastewater into the surcharged sewer. Control is by means of the Comfort control unit with self-diagnosis system SDS.

Professional Advantages:

  • Backwater valve and lifting station in one
    Pumpfix F uses the natural gradient to the sewer for wastewater disposal. Efficient and economical pump use only in the event of backwater.
  • Installation in a concrete floor
    Backwater valve with tilable cover and integrated drain for continual drainage even in the event of a basement flooding.
  • On-the-floor installation
    The ideal installation option for exposed drainage pipes. Easy access for service and maintenance – no tools required.
  • Self-Diagnosis System
    Plug & Play Comfort control unit with self-diagnosis system SDS and multilingual
    display – can be connected without a qualified electrician.
  • Removable inlet- and outlet connections
    Flange/spigot for customized connections. Variable inlet and outlet sizes available in diameter Ø 110, 125, 160 and also in Ø 200 mm.
  • Flexible installation
    More flexibility and reliability when installed in concrete slabs, new extension system with the optional centre located sealing flange for connection to waterproofing membranes.
  • Backwater valve for installation in a concrete floor ...... or in an exposed wastewater pipe.With integrated drainage function ...
  • ... and a plug & play control unit with self diagnosis system.

Pump types:

Performance diagramm SPZ 1000
  • SPZ 1000
    Input Power (P1): 1000 W
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating mode:   S3 – 30%
    Pumping capacity: max. 10,9 m3/h
    Pumping height:     max. 9,5 m

With general technical approval through DIBT. Approval number: Z-53.2-388.

Backwater Lifting Station Ecolift XL

With the Ecolift XL, KESSEL is now also supplying a hybrid lifting station for use in commercial buildings and multi-family homes. The advantage the hybrid lifting station has over traditional lifting stations is that Ecolift XL uses the efficiency of natural gradient during normal operation – the Ecolift XL only uses its pumps during times of backwater or flooding, pumping the building’s wastewater via a bypass directly into the surcharged sewer pipe.

In the event of the backwater, the motor-driven backwater flaps of the new hybrid lifting station close and provide maximum flood protection to the building. The pneumatic level sensor assures accurate pump operation and the alarm sensor provides an additional back-up alarm. Ecolift XL is available with pumping capacities of 1.5 kilowatts to 4.5 kilowatts. In addition, KESSEL also offers solutions tailor-made to customer requirements. The hybrid lifting station can be used for free-standing set-up connected directly to the outlet of a grease separator for example, or for outdoor underground installation.

Despite the mechanical design and insulation of traditional lifting stations, they are still a constant source of noise since every litre of a building’s wastewater needs to be pumped out. In contrast, the Ecolift XL uses the natural gradient to drain waste from the building and only activates the pumps during backwater. This means that pumping operation noise only occurs in exceptional cases. This is an advantage not only for apartment blocks with basement apartments but also for commercially or public used buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals and residential homes for the elderly.

Professional advantages:

  • Maximum safety
    Up to 2 motor-driven valve systems for maximum safety.
  • Level detection
    Pneumatic level sensing and alarm sensor offer twice the reliability.
  • Control unit
    Comfort Plus control unit with display for full-text display and USB port for read-out included as standard.
  • Pumps
    Wide range of pumps for all requirements. S1 pumps are suitable for permanent running for pumping rainwater with 1400 W – 4500 W input power.

Installation in an inspection chamber also possible

Ecolift XL is integrated into a newly designed, high-quality, standard-compliant polymer inspection chamber which is suitable both for installation in the ground or in concrete. The chamber is resistant to groundwater up to 3 metres and can be built up to a height of five metres. The chamber is available with an access opening of 600 millimetres in diameter and now also in a new version with a diameter of 800 millimetres.

Professional advantages:

  • Modular
    Modular system with sectional chamber components height 250 mm / 500 mm. Infinitely variable chamber depth from 1500 – 5000 mm.
  • Low weight
    Easy to assembly due to the low weight of the polymer chamber components.
  • Upper section
    Vertically adjustable upper section available with Ø 600 mm or Ø 800 mm diameter with optional waterproofing connection flange.
  • Honeycomb structure
    Buoyancy-protected honeycomb structure, ideal for drilling up to Ø 160 mm, engineering chamber handles groundwater depths up to 3000 mm.
  • Load class
    Available in a stainless steel class A/L15 (tileable or not tileable) or in load classes B and D.

Pump types:

Hybrid lifting station Ecolift XL performance diagramme
  • SPF 1400
    Input Power (P1): 1,6 kW
    Voltage:                 230 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 25 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 7 m
  • SPF 1500
    Input Power (P1): 1,4 kW
    Voltage:                 400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 25 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 6,5 m
  • SPF 3000
    Input Power (P1): 3,2 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 36 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 12 m
  • SPF 4500
    Input Power (P1): 4,5 kW
    Voltage:                 400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 41m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 17 m
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