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Backwater Valves

products for interior / exterior installation

Backwater Protection – Safety Redefined

Protect your home

Backwater damage is a threat to millions of homeowners and builders, and never has the damage caused by flooding and backwater been as costly as today. However, many builders and homeowners remain unaware of the fact that they can and must protect themselves from backwater. Local authorities and insurance companies require such protection. The current climate changes, bringing with them sudden torrential rainfall and flash flooding, especially in the summer months, require timely considerations regarding backwater protection. Professional and suitable backwater protection helps to maintain the value of properties and buildings in the long term. KESSEL is proactive in offering you support in both the clarification and consultation regarding the topic of backwater protection.

KESSEL sets standards in backwater protection

With the new premium backwater valve series Staufix SWA, Staufix FKA and Pumpfix F, KESSEL is setting standards in protection against backwater and flooded basements. This means that installation professionals and homeowners both profit from a flexible modular system, innovative installation, operation and maintenance solutions and the very highest quality and safety of the KESSEL backwater valves.


With mechanical or motor-driven backwater flap and pump for draining wastewater with sewage, even during backwater.

Backwater valve

Pumpfix F

  • Motorized backwater valve
  • With pump
  • For wastewater with sewage
  • Type 3
Motorized backwater valve

Staufix FKA

  • Motorized backwater valve
  • For wastewater with sewage
  • Type 3
mechanical backwater valve

Staufix SWA

  • Mechanical backwater valve
  • For wastewater
  • Type 2


With mechanical backwater flaps for protection against backwater.
Staufix New


  • Mechanical backwater valve
  • For wastewater
  • With or without an alarm
  • Type 2
the original

Staufix Basic

  • Mechanical backwater valve
  • For wastewater
  • Type 2
Staufix Siphon

Staufix Siphon, Staufix Ø 50 and Staufix Ø 75

  • Backwater valve for exposed pipes, washing stands and emergency overflows
  • For wastewater without sewage (Type 2)
Pipe flap

Pipe flaps

  • Prevent backwater and rodents (e.g. rats) penetrating wastewater pipes
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