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SmartSelect is an efficient tool for configuring, designing and calculating drainage solutions. It significantly reduces planning effort. SmartSelect provides registered users with a project management program which can be used to request and edit saved projects. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes. For more information please click here.

SmartSelect is used to determine the occurrence of soiled water and the loss of pressure in a pipe in just a few steps. The suitable pump and the right KESSEL product can be selected on the basis of the installation situation.
SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify grease separators according to the norm by using up to three calculation methods. The estimated grease separator size and type as well as any desired accessories is determined with a few mouse clicks.
SmartSelect is a professional floor drain specification program which integrates KESSEL floor drains systems with on-site variables such as available floor height and waterproofing systems.
Education and Professional Development

Anyone wanting to be an expert in a certain field needs both theoretical and practical training. KESSEL offers you the opportunity to specifically enhance your know-how about drainage equipment in three stages and to learn what experts know. Stage one uses E-learning modules to teach you the basic principles; there is an option to add to this knowledge by attending further webinars. Expert know-how is taught in theoretical and practical seminars on-site by experienced tutors.

Step 1: E-Learning
With this model, participants use the self-study principle to acquire basic knowledge of the field of drainage. The times and speed of the course is determined by the participant. With on-line interaction in the form of a test, the user can check if their knowledge is up to speed. For more information please click here.
Step 2: Webinar
This model includes on-line seminars concerning current topics in the field of drainage. Twelve times per year you will have the opportunity to view live internet presentations and to participate in a live ‘chat’ with a KESSEL instructor in order to have any questions you have answered and to increase your knowledge. For more information please click here.
Step 3: On-Site Seminar
Take advantage of our experienced instructors and the newest seminar topics. Participants will travel to a specific location where multi-media facilities as well as training rooms will be available where hands-on practical training takes place. These seminars combine theoretical and practical experience to give the participants the highest level of knowledge and training. For more information please click here.

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