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EDT EuroDrain-KESSEL Leading in Drainage is a premium supplier of innovative products in the field of drainage, waste and waste water treatment technology. We supply premium German manufactured drains.

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EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_upUltraflat 54 and 79 Floor Shower and Bathroom Drain
EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_downUltraflat 54 and 79 Floor Shower and Bathroom Drain

The new Ultraflat 54 and Ultraflat 79 floor drain. Clever solutions for modern bathrooms

EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_upLight Liquid Separators
EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_downLight Liquid Separators

Eurodrain-Kessel Oil /Fuel  and Coalescence separator

EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_upStaufix Backwater Valve
EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_downStaufix Backwater Valve

The new Staufix comes with removable in- and outlets for easy installation, especially during renovations. It also has an integrated upper section with continuous height adjustment for installation in a concrete slab/floor, and the possibility of fitting in waterproof concrete. Apart from the basic version, there is also the Staufix Control. This second model type is equipped with a signal sensor that triggers and alarm if backwater is detected. This offers home owners even greater security.

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keyboard_arrow_upClever solutions for modern bathrooms
keyboard_arrow_downClever solutions for modern bathrooms

The new Ultraflat 54 and Ultraflat 79 floor drain is available from EDT Eurodrain KESSEL Technology. Lowest installation height on the market Even easier to install Even safer to use The minimum installation height makes the Ultraflat floor drain ideal for renovation work and new construction. Characterised by its very low-profile design, the bathroom drain […]

keyboard_arrow_upOil and fuel separators protect our groundwater
keyboard_arrow_downOil and fuel separators protect our groundwater

In order to protect our groundwater, it is important that oil and fuel separators are used where the rainwater or wastewater could be polluted with oils or hydrocarbons that are difficult to dissolve. It is essential to use oil/fuel separators at petrol stations, car washes, vehicle repair workshops and in fact any place where machines […]

keyboard_arrow_upKESSEL’s solutions for petrol stations
keyboard_arrow_downKESSEL’s solutions for petrol stations

Whenever light liquids such as oil and fuel are used, for example at petrol stations, garages and car washes, the groundwater is under hazardous threat.


keyboard_arrow_upInstallation Video
keyboard_arrow_downInstallation Video

It’s easier than you think. With the KESSEL installation videos!

keyboard_arrow_upBackwater Valves: Staufix
keyboard_arrow_downBackwater Valves: Staufix

The Staufix backwater valve is equipped with free hanging vertical backwater flaps. These flaps ensure that a building’s wastewater flows freely through the valve while simultaneously preventing any backwater from backing up into the building.

keyboard_arrow_upAqualift F XL and S XL pumping stations
keyboard_arrow_downAqualift F XL and S XL pumping stations

Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL pumping stations with powerful range of pumps for grey and black water.