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Backwater Lifting Station

Backwater Lifting Station Ecolift – the alternative to a standard lifting station with gravity sloped drainage

Heavy rainfall is becoming more and more frequent. Sudden downpours are a particular danger as they can overwhelm sewer lines, causing a backup of wastewater and resulting in flooded basements. If you have a shower or toilet below the backwater level, your property needs protection.

Ecolift is a safe and reliable way of preventing sewage backup, plus it is economical, energy-saving and quiet as the pump only turns on in backwater situations.

1) Normal mode: Basement draining

  • No pump operation
  • No energy requirements
  • No pumping noises
  • Wastewater disposal uses the natural gradient
  • Wastewater disposal even after power failure
  • No interruption in operation even if pump fails

2) Emergency: Backwater Event

  • Motor-driven locking of the backwater valve
  • Wastewater is pumped over the backwater loop into the sewer system

3) Emergency: Flooded basement

  • Basement drainage by integrated drain
  • In the event of additional backwater, wastewater is pumped over the backwater loop into the sewer system
  • Also available for installation in an exposed wastewater pipe.
  • Installation body with only 9 mm gradient.
  • Removable inlet/outlet connections in Ø 110, 125, 160 and 200.
  • Plug & play control unit with self-diagnosis system SDS for maximum safety.
  • Control unit with digital display which shows operating status and servicing instructions as well as connection option for building management system.
  • Installation in waterproof concrete with gasket set to prevent groundwater infiltration (accessory).
  • Fully open pipe passage with open backwater flap during normal conditions.
  • Integrated drain function for drainage of surface water. Continual drainage even in the event of a catastrophe.
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