Energy efficiency and a fantastic climate with intelligent windows

Automated Window Control System from Geze Distribution

GEZE window automation provides natural ventilation as and when needed.

More than 50% of worldwide primary energy demand is consumed for the air conditioning of buildings. Mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning systems consume large quantities of energy and, based on their continuous operation alone, are real electricity eaters. Not to mention the space they require and the investment and maintenance costs, that are around 30% higher than for natural ventilation systems.

Innovative energy solutions are urgently needed. Natural ventilation with automated windows is an important consideration.

GEZE’s ventilation drive systems for every conceivable window shape, type and size, including skylights and light domes, are easy and convenient to operate. Combined with external linear drives, even the GEZE slimline fanlight scissors can be electrically operated.

Apart from drives for window automation, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS) and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVS) are also used for natural ventilation. This is in addition to their primary task of fast and efficient removal of smoke in the event of a fire – a welcome side effect!

Automated Windows and Natural Ventilation from Geze Distribution

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