Control your home with your smartphone

Eluma Automation provides very cost-effective home automation solutions by adding a thin layer of innovative technology on top of your existing building installation that can also easily be reverted to the conventional operation.

Cost effective home automation from Excellumax

Wi-Fi networks are becoming ubiquitous which means that any smart device that can access the internet through Wi-Fi can be interconnected with any other smart device with Wi-Fi capability.

The applications are endless and, at a very affordable price, you can now control your lights, plugs and other electrical appliances through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. By using voice commands, you can turn the lights on and off without even touching the screen of your smartphone.

Control your lights through your smartphone and Wi-Fi

Home Automation contributes to flexibility, safety, comfort and cost savings.

Your smartphone, TV, alarm system and IP cameras can all be interconnected and set up in such a way that it will optimise your personal safety, comfort and cost-saving. These interconnections can also easily be changed at any time in order to adapt to any new requirements that you might have in the future.

When arriving home at night your outside lights will be switched on and the gate will not automatically open unless the security system is secure. You can, at any time of day from anywhere in the world, view your home through your smartphone. The automation system can simulate presence by switching items in your house on and off as if you are home. When an intrusion is detected outside, all the outside lights will switch on automatically and the house’s blinds will also close. Visual and audio door communication is possible from anywhere over your smartphone.

Link your home security, lighting, electrical usage and more with Excellumax home automation

The perfect display of lights, ambient temperature and music settings can automatically, or by the simple push of a button, set the mood for every occasion.

Energy wastage is reduced as an inherent function of the Home Automation System due to the fact that power is only consumed when and where it is required, and at the most efficient settings. Historical as well as real-time power consumption information can be viewed by the user on a PC or smartphone.


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