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EDT Waste to Energy

RECCONTEC represents recovery and conversionWe integrate technologies and processes for the treatment and utilization of different waste streams in one Waste-Conversion-Center.

Our task is ELECTRICITY MAXIMIZATION while recycling.

By doing so we avoid emissions, clean waters and eliminate landfills.

Our Waste-Conversion-Center is for example designed to process the following waste types:

  • Unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Sewage sludge and wastewater from septic tanks
  • Old tires, wood waste, bulky waste
  • Landfill reduction, deconstruction and re-naturalization
  • Hospital waste and specific hazardous waste streams
  • Market waste, old foods, garden and park waste
  • Commercial waste, light industrial waste
  • Flotsam, etc.
EDT Reccontec | Waste to Energy

Unit 1 Lanseria Centre, Pelindaba Road, Lanseria
South Africa

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