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As a premium manufacturer of innovative drainage products, KESSEL AG offers perfectly harmonised system solutions for all requirements. Here you will find an overview of all our product segments.

EasyClean ground Oval grease separator

Is there a lack of space in a property to accommodate a grease separator? The space-saving alternative: underground installation. The EasyClean ground Oval in nominal sizes NS 1 to NS 12.5 impresses with its compact, groundwater-resistant construction. It extends in depth and therefore requires only a small footprint. It also only requires a cover with an appropriately small load distribution plate for load class D 400. The EasyClean ground Oval is available in the Standard and Direct disposal variants.

Backwater protection

It happens time and again: during a severe storm or heavy rainfall, the sewer system cannot remove the sheer volume of water fast enough. The water pushes back from the sewer into residential properties or commercial buildings, and it is not uncommon for rooms at basement level and sometimes those at ground floor to be flooded. The consequences: considerable damage combined with high costs and, last but not least, plenty of hassle. But remedial action is not difficult at all. A backwater protection system effectively prevents sewer system water from entering the building. Depending on the requirements at hand, there are different types of protection.

Hybrid lifting stations

The lifting station is a tried and tested method to protect drainage points below the backwater level against backing up. It pumps the wastewater through a backwater loop, or directly back into the pipe down stream of the unit, which reliably prevents water from entering the house against the direction of flow. This ends the matter for many people when it comes to choosing a backwater protection system – although the right conditions are often met to save a large proportion of the electricity and maintenance costs with an environmentally friendly hybrid solution. Before you reach for a conventional lifting station, you should therefore check carefully whether your installation situation actually requires constant pump operation.

Pump technology

When a washing machine, shower or toilet is located in the basement, it is important to consider how the wastewater will be discharged. This is because a drainage point in the basement is usually below the backwater level. This means that the wastewater cannot flow down a natural gradient to the sewer, as with a gravity system, but has to be pumped up with a lifting station or pump. In addition to the pumping height, the type of wastewater is an important criterion when choosing a suitable product: black water (wastewater with sewage) always requires different solutions than grey water (wastewater without sewage).

Drain technology

In outdoor areas and rooms where water accumulates openly, appropriate facilities must be created for the collection and discharge of wastewater. We can offer you everything that you will need with our wide range of drains and channels for commercial and private applications. Our products are characterised by their flexible applications and by durable and innovative materials.


Water is one of our most precious resources and is not available in unlimited quantities. It is not always possible to avoid contamination in many applications, such as in kitchens or vehicle refuelling. For this reason, contaminated wastewater must be pretreated and cleaned with the appropriate separator systems before it is discharged into the public sewer system. This is the only way to comply with the wastewater values stipulated by the local authority and to prevent environmental damage at an early stage. We offer an extensive range of innovative polymer separators for different applications and wastewater quantities.

Engineering chambers

Our standard-compliant engineering chambers are made entirely of durable polymer and are suitable both for underground installation or installation in concrete. They are resistant to groundwater up to 3 metres and can be built up to a height of five metres with a modular design. The light weight of the polymer chamber makes them particularly easy to install.

Our engineering chambers are available with an access opening of 600 or 800 millimetres in diameter. In addition, numerous upper sections are available for various applications. They can be adjusted infinitely in terms of height and are rotatable and tiltable, which makes them ideal for adaptation to the ground level.

Individual solutions

For over 25 years we have been developing tailor-made drainage solutions for the specific requirements of our customers. Our extensive polymer engineering knowledge enables us to respond to your needs at any time.

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