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Thermal insulation for ceilings and cavities

As a cellulose fill insulation, the product provides optimal thermal resistance performance in the designated Thermal Insulation Association of SA (TIASA) classifications. It is made from recycled newsprint, treated with an environmental friendly flame retardant. The product is both recyclable and ultimately biodegradable if no longer needed and disposed of in an approved manner.  As such Eco-Insulation qualifies to be termed a sustainable building material.

The company was recently honoured by the Southern African Energy Efficiency Association with its “Company of the Year Excellence Award 2008

The product holds the SABS Mark and is approved under SANS 1381-6 – as a cellulose fill thermal insulation for use in ceilings and cavities. In addition, Eco-Insulation meets the requirements of the new SANS 204 Building Codes for Energy Efficiency and can be specified with complete confidence.

Product quality and performance is assured by the SABS Mark and underscored by an in certified lifelong guarantee in-situ.

The product has been fire-tested under the SANS 428 protocols required by SANS 10177 parts 5 and 10 and is rated B/B1/2. Copies of the report are available on request.


  • Thermal conductivity is lower than the generic value for cellulose fill insulation in its class resulting in higher ‘R’ values, hence better performance. Pumped into the roofspace at the recommended thicknesses, the ‘R’ values are significantly higher than the corresponding values of other fibrous insulation products.
  • Eco-Insulation offers optimal protection against the flow of heat in and out of the roofspace while being the most cost effective product to install per square meter. It is highly flexible in meeting the R-value requirements for the different Climatic Zones per TIASA specifications.
  • The product offers ongoing savings in energy consumption / electricity usage.
  • The product is highly cost effective to install and offers ongoing savings in electricity usage.
  • Installed by dedicated and professionally trained teams. Eco-Insulation readily achieves 100% coverage of the area under insulation in a much shorter time. This is significant, since small gaps or air spaces in coverage of the ceiling could otherwise lead to a 50% reduction in efficiency.
  • The product makes a real contribution to sustainable building methods and environmental responsibility. Recycled paper from commercial waste streams is milled to specific density and treated with environment friendly fire retardant. Manufacture consumes no chemical ingredients, apart from the environment friendly fire retardant.
  • Low embedded energy content. Manufacture does not consume significant quantities of energy.
  • Eco-Insulation does not attract insects and rodents.
  • Long term resistance to both wet and dry rot.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic. Asbestos, plastic and
    glass-fibre free.
  • Eco-Insulation is covered by a lifetime in use guarantee and remains inert insitu.

The key thermal performance features of Eco-Insulation are:

Thermal conductivity: 0.40 W/M.K

Blown in thickness Settled Thickness R-Values Reduced Summer Heat Flow as % Reduced Winter Heat Flow as %
75 mm 75 mm 1.87 83% 86%
100 mm 100 mm 2.50 87% 89%
120 mm 120 mm 2.87 89% 91%
130 mm 130 mm 3.37 92% 93%

88 Kyalami Drive
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

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